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Page 63 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, April 2014

Aston’s major recall

Aston Martin has issued a recall notice affecting more than 17,000 cars built since 2007, including every left-hand-drive example constructed in this time and all right-hand-drive cars built since May 2012. The recall is to replace a part of the accelerator pedal provided by a Chinese supplier and found not to be an official DuPont component but a copy. No faults or failings have been reported,...

Page 22 of November 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, November 1962

4th United States Grand Prix

Clark Wins at Record Speed WATKINS GLEN, October 7th THE success of last year's race guaranteed the return this year to Watkins Glen of the Fourth U.S. Grand Prix. Whereas last year the Drivers' Championship had been settled before the race started, this year's race could still mean a change in the final result. Watkins Glen, situated in North-West New York State, is the area known as the Fingers...

Page 40 of June 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, June 1935


VARZI'S FIRST VICTORY FOR AUTO-UNION A RUNAWAY VICTORY AT 101.19 M.P.H. WIMILLE (BUGATTI) SECOND & ETANCELIN (VIASERATI) THIRD MAXIMUM speed counts for a lot on the permanent circuit of Carthage, where the sixth Grand Prix of Tunis was held on the 6th of last month. For this reason Achille Varzi's Auto-Union was a strong favourite, especially as he was piloting the actual car with which Stuck...

Page 37 of January 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, January 1977

The original Brighton Run

Sir, Having watched the Veteran Car Rally (Sunday, 7th November) on the London. Brighton run, I thought that you might like to have an eye-witness account of the first occasion in 1896. A great uncle of mine lived with his parents in Old Steine in Brighton and the following is an extract from his diary: "November 14th, 1896 Saturday "Today was very historic and very wet. It was the first legal...

Page 48 of February 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, February 1960

Fragments on Forgotten Makes No. 11 : The A.V.

The A.V., which was in production at Teddington from 1919 to 1924, was a cyclecar pure and simple. Ward & Avey Ltd. bought the design from John Carden, who had evolved it before the war but who was obsessed with his £100 two-stroke cyclecar on returning to "civvy street." Production of this sporting-looking single-seater or monocar commenced in 1919 at a substantial factory in Somerset Road,...

Page 15 of June 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, June 1930


CONTINENTAL RACING NEWS THE GRANDS PRIX OF ORAN A Double Bugatti Victory Results of the racing car event : 1. De Maleplane (2-litre Bugatti), 2h. 48m. 32s. Average speed, 70.87 m.p.h. 2. Dupont (1100 c.c. Amilcar), 2h. 49m. 8s. 3. Michel Dore (1500 c.c. Bugatti), 2h. 54m. 51s. 4. Pelegri (1100 c.c. Amilcar), 3h. 19m. 48s. 5. Hiercourt (1500 c.c. Bugatti), 3h. 20m. 30s. 6. Madame flier (1100 c.c....

Page 39 of July 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, July 1932


CONTINENTAL NEWS. PROSPECTS OF A WONDERFUL FRENCH G P. ALFA-ROMEO-BUGATTI DUEL TO BE FOUGHT ONCE AGAIN AT RHEIMS T•EN years ago the most important road race in the world was the French Grand Prix. To win this race was the ambition of manufacturers and drivers alike, the blue rib and of motor racing. Then came the advent of " sports " car racing, and the prestige of the race declined. Entries fell...

Page 43 of June 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, June 1930


TUT CLAMP [DUI% CIF Bugattis fill First Three Places. Results of the final handicap : 1. Etancelin (2,300 c.c. Bugatti) (4m. 20s.), 171.71 miles). 2. Lehoux (2,300 tc.c. Bugatti) (scratch), 166.89 miles. 3. Dreyfus (2,300 c.c. Bugatti) (scratch), 165.77 miles. 4. Scaron (1,100 c.c. Amilcar), (17 minutes), 159.56 miles. 5. De Maleplane (2,000 c.c. Bugatti) (11 mins.), 158.50 miles. 6. Czaikowski (...

Page 7 of January 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, January 1944


GREAT BRITISH ACHIEVEMENTS A. Rivers-Fletcher describes the Bentley successes at Le Mans. IT is proposed to recount the four successive Bentley victories at Le Mans in 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930. But it must be remembered that a private owner won at Le Mans in 1924, when Capt. J. F. Duff, partnered by F. C. Clement, brought their 8-litre to victory in the Grand Prix d'Enduranee, and even this was...

Page 25 of January 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, January 1987

Volvo races anti-slip

The Estoril circuit in Portugal has its share of slow corners, where racing drivers need to feed the throttle to get their cars round cleanly without losing time. Mauro Baldi and Per-Gunnar Andersson could ignore the conventional rules when driving their 240 Turbo in the final round of the Touring Car Championship, however, on their way fifth place overall. With Electronic Traction Control the...


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