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Page 18 of September 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, September 1947

The Emeryson Special

A very advanced Amateur-Built 1,100 c.c. Racing Car that was successful on its first appearance. Two-stage supercharging and independent suspension front and back. The Emerys, father and son, have produced in the latest Emeryson Special a racing car of which a specialised factory might well be proud. Working in a small shed at Maidenhead they have evolved a 1,100-c.c. engine with two-stage...

Page 16 of June 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, June 1948

The Bentley Brains Trust

It was a happy thought on the part of Stanley Sedgwick, Secretary of the Bentley Drivers' Club, to form a "brains trust" of real Bentley celebrities, so that members might glean first-hand information relating to their cars. Under Question-Master Kenneth Horne he assembled W. O. Bentley himself, W/Cdr. Woolf Barnato, H. Kensington Moir, Lt. Col. Clive Gallop, L. C. McKenzie, and "Nobbie" Clark...

Page 10 of March 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 1943

Cars I have owned

C. W. P. Hampton, well known member of the Bugatti Owners' Club and Vintage S.C.C., and now a lieutenant in the Guards, tells of his 22 cars over 12 years' ownership, explains how he graduated to an appreciation of real motor-cars, and expresses a decided preference for Continental productions. The Editor and proprietor of this paper do not necessarily endorse his views.—Ed. Like a good many...

Page 6 of August 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, August 1943

Cars I have owned

In this entertaining contribution to a much-appreciated series, Sir Anthony Stamer, A.T.A., tells how he graduated from Austin Seven to Alfa-Romeo. – Ed. An article of this type must take one of two definite forms – either it can be packed with technical data and full details of modifications, etc., carried out on one's cars (thus laying oneself open to correction and much sarcastic humour from...

Page 21 of July 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, July 1938


ON BRITISH HIGH-PERFORMANCE CARS (Continued from the June Issue) And now, having offered up the suggestion that this country has nothing to fear in the high-performance field, and that the American Invasion can be met by modern British productions, we may run through the British high-performance cars and refresh our memories as to what this country can offer, that fortunate prospective buyers...

Page 5 of January 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, January 1949

Modifications to a 1 1/2-Litre Invicta

This article provides an academic study of some owner-modification to a rather rare car and offers possible solutions to troubles that, the author alleges, beset the users of 1 1/2-litre Invictas. So far the designer of the Blackburn engine found in these cars has not taken issue with the author, but we disclaim any responsibility for the opinions expressed or the alterations advised - Ed. Having...

Page 47 of December 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1961

Cars I have owned

By Brian Carson Looking backwards across the span of six and thirty years, I can see the ghosts of many of the old conveyances that I have owned since those halcyon days of motoring that are now affectionately called the "Vintage" era. Amongst the hosts of new designs that appeared during the early nineteen-twenties were a few that failed to capture the imagination of the public merely because...

Page 18 of March 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, March 1954

Kieft Plans For The Coming Season

While in Wolverhampton we called at that hive of activity, the Kieft factory, to learn from Cyril Kieft his plans for this season. The 500-c.c. sports cars, of which three are planned, one of which will be driven by Alan Rippon at Le Mans, will have not Turner, but air-cooled flat-four Wooler motor-cycle engines. Developed to give 35 b.h.p. at 5,000 r.p.m., these will at all events for the...

Page 2 of January 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, January 1942


ENGINE DESIGN IN 1909 I At this time of the year we used to survey design trends. Now we no longer report annual progress. Instead, we present some remarks by J. Lowrey, B.Sc., on aeroplane engine design as it was in 1909-M.—Ed. WHILE going through some engineering books recently I came upon a slender volume bearing the inscription " Les Moteurs d'Aviation, par G. Linnet," and on the title page I...

Page 21 of September 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, September 1939


ON TWO IMPORTANT NEW VENTURES IT is curious, but true, that rumour, persistently repeated and accepted, comes to mean as much as a watertight statement of fact. The A.I.A.C.R. has, one believes, so far, said nothing definite about the 1940 International Grand Prix Formula. Yet nearly everyone in motor-racing is convinced that the Formula will be a simple one of a capacity limit of Ii-litres, with...



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