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Page 64 of December 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, December 1975

A unique day at Ferrari

A chance visit to the factory where the ultimate in enthusiastic automobile excitement is normal. Tradition, a proud spirit of independent endeavour, and a taste of harsh setbacks overcome. These are qualities that ooze from the cobbled courtyard and ochre-shaded walls as we enter the factory at Maranello. Today there's abundant evidence of Fiat's enormous capital injection into the dusty and...

Page 22 of May 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1990

A Star in the Ascendant

Those who have followed the FISA saga through the winter may be aware that President Jean-Marie Balestre was given a ringing vote of confidence at the special meetings in March, the news coming just too late for our April edition. He received the unanimous support of the FIA's General Assembly for his handling of the Senna and Le Mans affaires during the winter, and a majority of 90% in a FISA...

Page 44 of March 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 2006

Martini, Tarquini and Ninni

Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Fiat all owe Ninni Russo a great debt and he's still going strong. He talks to John Davenport To have seven World Rally Manufacturer titles on your CV of which six were in consecutive years is a pretty powerful indication that as a rally manager you know what you're doing. When you also have a British Touring Car title, then versatility creeps into the equation. Today,...

Page 34 of September 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, September 1987

New cars: Alfa 33 Veloce

Turning heads Alfa Romeo was absorbed into the Fiat Group on January 1, and it soon became clear that the marque would concentrate on high-performing family models, while Fiat concentrated on volume and Lancia on luxury. As it happens, Alfa Romeo's previous management had already decided to move away from the volume market, where the 33 and 75 models did not rest easily, and new 1.5 and 1.7-litre...

Page 50 of May 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 1994

Wings aroudabou

,2_.) llf(J.Jii.LILLO!).1) i ,1 ii 413;111 3!) 11.L11,1! .11193 Le!1111.J9 41111 th.j iJ.WIiJj 1.11.111J 1111-j jir!, .111,'11J i2J,s, 111:11111.J1 LI ` ii Ai!JIdIJ 19 J;) J 41L1111411j 19 AIJLJI,:4L1Silh LiJ11141'.111#111.3? o not jump to the cliched conclusion of "Italian unreliability" if you espy an Alfa Romeo 155TS Silverstone parked up on the hard shoulder. It's more likely that...

Page 26 of March 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1988

Industry insight

Tomorrow the World? January 1988 set new British records for rainfall, and for new car introductions. In a month normally given over to introspective reflection of "that was the year that was" tone, Audi, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Saab and Renault alI held international Press launches for new wares. Some were more notable for technical details than the complete vehicle, such as Saab's direct ignition, a...

Page 42 of February 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, February 1986

Rally Review - Morocco Rally Revived

Back in the early Seventies, when the East African Safari did not stick to all-weather roads, when the Acropolis was an absolute road race and when the first leg of the RAC Rally ran for three days and two nights without a major rest stop, there was an event in the International Rally Championship called the Morocco Rally. It ran through both mountains and desert, but the desert going was by no...

Page 26 of February 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, February 1987

The Prancing Lancia!

Large family saloons which accelerate extremely well, and cruise at over 100 mph with power to spare, are not unusual. One thing, above all, separates the new Lancia Thema 8.32 from the herd — the superb, pedigree Ferrari V8 engine shoehorned in across the engine bay. It takes just one blip of the throttle for aural senses to pick up the characteristic "whee" of Maranello designed valvegear....

Page 69 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, June 1981

Rally Review

Tour of Corsica Luck can often contribute to rallying success as well as skill, reliability and tenacity. Fortunately it does not enter the lists all that often and winners are generally thoroughly deserving of their victories. The rallies in which luck can play greatest part are usually those with an element of adventure, such as the Safari, in which other competitors are not one's only...

Page 48 of January 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, January 1993

Cruise Control

Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 Introduced to Britain in the summer of 1992, the front-drive Alfa Romeo 155 range was designed to replace the cranky 75 line. Recalling the reliability habits of the 75 (the writer had a 2.5-litre V6 version for 12 months) and its ridiculous cabin ergonomics (you can still silence a room full of Alfa enthusiasts with a cheerful "Remember the U-bend handbrake of the 75?"),...



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Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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