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Page 31 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1978

The Formula One Scene

The 1978 season was proving to be a jolly good one until about midway when it all started to go wrong. It had opened with a most interesting collection of variables that were going to prove or disprove themselves as the year went on. World Champion Niki Lauda had left Ferrari and joined the Alfa Romeo powered Brabham team under Bernie Ecclestone, Ferrari had forsaken Goodyear and was contracted...

Page 43 of July 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, July 2006

McLaren: Life after Bruce

When the inspirational leader who drove the team died, McLaren could have spun into the ground. Instead it regrouped and vindicated his vision and his faith Words: Paul Fearnley. Photography: Alex P There was a lot to think about. But Bruce Leslie McLaren — boss/designer/engineer/tester/racer — preferred it that way. Three years of his New Zealand childhood had been spent in plaster, in traction...

Page 36 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 2003

America's all action hero

'He truly never met a race car that he didn't like. All US racing was clamped in an AJ Foyt stranglehold' Detractors of America's all-action hero point to his rare European forays. But Joe Scalzo argues that Foyt did enough at home to be classed a true great It was a great racing civilisation that America had going for itself in the mid-1960s, and certainly its highlight was getting to watch A J...

Page 18 of May 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, May 1968

The B.O.A.C. 500

The B.R.S.C.C. do it again Brands Hatch, England, April 7th Last year, when the B.R.S.C.C. and the British Overseas Airways Corporation combined to put on our first decent long-distance race for many years, and it proved to be a great success, they started planning the 1968 event but even the most ardent supporter could not really believe that a second six-hour event for Group 6 Prototypes and...

Page 62 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, September 1963

Readers' opinions

"Spares for every single part?" Sir, The latest line in VW propaganda facing page 528 of the July issue of Motor Sport made me smile. We were in the unfortunate position of having the fuel pump of our 1961 Karmann-Ghia pack up at 8 p.m. in Exeter, on 29th May 1963, en route for Bristol, and we were forced to remain overnight. The next day it came as a shock to find that the local VW agent in...

Page 40 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1999

The house that Jack built

It lasted thirty years and made the reputation of drivers, designers and a Formula One mogul. Alan Henry charts the story of Brabham from a fledging team to world champion Constructor. Few Grand Prix marques have produced a range of cars as technically diverse and innovative as that designed and built by the Brabham team over its 30 years of participation in Formula One. The team also boasts the...

Page 30 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1997

Compound fractures

The tyre battle in 1997 is but the latest of a war that's been raging since the '50s. Nigel Roebuck looks at the bald facts At the 1977 Japanese Grand Prix, one kazuyoshi hoshino qualified 11th. There is no particular reason why this fact should detain us, save that Hoshino's car, a locally built Kojima with Cosworth DFV power, was running on Bridgestone tyres. It was a one-off event for the...

Page 66 of March 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, March 1973

Book reviews

"Automobile Tyres" by L. J. K. Setright. 195 pp., 8 1/2 in. x 5 1/8 in. (Chapman & Hall Ltd., 11, New Fetter Lane, London, EC4P 4EE. £3.25.) There has previously never been a complete and erudite layman's guide to what automobile tyres are all about. This ommission has now been filled by the industrious Leonard Setright, which is not altogether surprising, the book following as it does some...

Page 38 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 2003

'Jim Hall, it's safe to say, was ahead of the techno game. His was a 10-gallon talent. Only Chapman and Murray come close in the innovation stakes'

America has tended to lag behind Europe on the design side of the sport. But there is an exceptional exception to this: Jim Hall. He tells Paul Fearnley about his hi-tech Chaparrals Jim Hall is tall for a racing driver — for that's what he was to begin with. He would be taller still but fora knock-kneed stance decreed by injuries sustained in a fiery flip at Stardust Raceway, Las Vegas, scene of...

Page 39 of March 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, March 1975

The Brazilian Grand Prix

Pace scores from Fittipaldi at home Sao Paulo, January 26th With only two weeks separating the Brazilian Grand Prix from the Argentine Grand Prix in January, most of the teams spent their time (depending on whether they were drivers or mechanics) either relaxing on beaches or sweating blood trying to ensure that their cars arrived at Sao Paulo's Interlagos circuit in time for the first practice...



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