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Page 19 of March 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, March 1957

Book Reviews

"Fly For Your Life," by Larry Forrester. 367 pp. 8 in. by 5¼ in. (Frederick Muller Ltd., Ludgate House, 110, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. 18s.) "Fly For Your Life" is Larry Forrester's biography of Wing-Comdr. Robert Stanford Tuck, D.S.O., D.F.C. and two bars, one of the great fighter pilots of World War Two. It follows the pattern of many similar biographies and autobiographies of R.A.F. fighter...

Page 29 of September 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1962

Book reviews

"500 Miles To Go," by Al Bloemaker. 278pp. 8½ in. x 5 3/5 in. (Frederick Muller Ltd., 110, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4. 30s.) This is the Story of the Indianapolis Speedway, from 1908 to present-day, and thus this book joins Boddy's monumental tome about Brooklands, his more recent history of Montlhéry and the Monza Year Books in providing a history of a given historic motor racing venue....

Page 11 of December 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, December 1964

Books for Christmas

[With the approach of winter and British motoring more savagely taxed than ever, solace will be sought in “fireside motoring” through the medium of books, of which a record flood of new titles has been released for the festive season. We are devoting more space than usual to reviews of some of the more outstanding of them in this issue, and another expanded book-reviews feature will be published...

Page 16 of December 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1960

Books for Christmas reading

"Lost Causes of Motoring," by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. 224 pp. 8-3/4 in. x 5-5/8in. (Cassell and Company, Ltd., 35, Red Lion Square, London. W.C.1. 30s.) In the positive flood of motoring books which have marked the fading of an eventful 1960 a very few stand out from the others and are worth acquiring at all costs, even if this means buying them. Such a book is "Lost Causes of Motoring," the...

Page 48 of January 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, January 1964

Cars in books

Mr. J. Wills of Catworth contributes the following: Here is an extract taken from the book "War Underground," by Alexander Barrie published by (Frederick Muller Ltd.): "The two men covered many miles together in Norton Griffiths' car, a Rolls-Royce, technically the property of his wife. It was a huge 2 1/2-ton chocolate-and-black landaulette which Excell was always required to drive at...

Page 26 of September 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, September 1960

Book reviews

"Jack Brabham's Motor Racing Book", 124 pp. 10 in. x 71/2 in. (Frederick Muller Ltd, Ludgate House, 110 Fleet Street, London EC4. 15s.). It is certainly time the rise of Jack Brabham from cinder-track driver to World Champion was made the subject of a book but it is distressing that this has been done in a sort of photogravure children's album, packed with errors. It is remarkable that Brabham,...

Page 38 of December 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, December 1954

Books for Christmas

"Aircraft of the 1914-18 War." Edited by D. A. Russell, M.I.Mech.E. 234 pp., 11 ¼in. by 8 ½ in. (Republished by Harleyford Publications, Harleyford, Marlow, Bucks. 42s.) This remarkable work covering the 1914-18 fighting aeroplanes of all countries, with a photograph or more and a full-page three-view 1/72-scale plan of each type, appears in revised form. It is indeed a welcome work of reference...

Page 13 of November 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 1964

New cars

Some more new models introduced at Earls Court Since our Motor Show Preview last month several new and modified ears have been introduced, and in this article we give brief details of these new cars which were not released in time to be included last month. Alfa Romeo.—The Alfa Romeo range is unchanged for 1965 but the British Concessionaires have announced a price reduction of £44 15s. for the...

Page 26 of June 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, June 1961

Book reviews

Rodney Walkerley has written a motor-racing book primarily for the younger enthusiast—"Come Motor Racing With Me," 208 pp., 71/2 in x 5 in (Frederick Muller Ltd., 110 Fleet Street, London, EC4, 10s 6d.), in the "Junior Sportsman's Library" 'series. It covers almost every aspect of racing and recordbreaking in brief and is illustrated with action drawings. Strongly recommended for intelligent...

Page 35 of April 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, April 1957

Book Reviews

"No Excuses," by Sheila Van Damm. 238 pp. 8 in. by 5¼ in. (G. Putnam, Ltd., 42, Great Russell Street, London, W.1. 16s.) There are now lots of books about rallies but this one stands out because it is sincere, modest, frank and tells a jolly good story. Sheila Van Damm achieved fame as an official driver in the Rootes competition team in a very short time; she is an accomplished young woman,...



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