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Page 40 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1984

South African Grand Prix

Kyalami, Johannesburg, April 7th Early season Formula One form can frequently be misleading, but be that as it may the McLaren International team caught all its rivals off guard in the first two events of the 1984 Championship calendar. Two weeks after Alain Prost opened the year with victory in the Brazilian grand Prix at Rio de Janeiro, the Porsche-built, TAG-engined McLaren MP4/2s enacted an...

Page 34 of December 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1970

By the Brighton bush telegraph

Members of the press travelled down in a 1932 33-seater ex-Paris Renault 'bus, provided for the occasion by Adams Bristow Ltd. It has a six-cylinder engine giving 67 b. h.p. at the expense of some eight or nine m.p.g.–fortunately National Benzole sponsor the Run–and does 25 m.p.h. * * * In the absence of Miss Hutton-Stott's 1904 Lanchester, Ronald Barker went...

Page 32 of November 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 1970


A section devoted to old-car matters The Booker Show (September 27th) Last year the Wycombe Air Centre held an informal rally of vintage and veteran cars at Booker aerodrome, where "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" was filmed, a large number arriving in exchange for a plaque each and a simple flying display. This year, encouraged by the success of the 1969 Booker Show, a much more...

Page 29 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, June 2003

All for one

Renault had never looked like winning Le Mans — its motorsport programme was too fragmented. That all changed in 1977, but it took another year for this revolution to take effect. Paul Fearnley explains why Judging by how far the man holding the microphone-on-a-stick jumps back as the car fires up, our fervent hope that this Le Mans-winner's turbo V6 might not bust today's noise limit has just...

Page 50 of July 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 1971

Factory methods of the vintage era

No. 15: the Rugby The Rugby was one of the Durant line of assembled automobiles made in Toronto, Canada, during the peak of the vintage years. The chassis frames were riveted up at the factory in a spacious hall equipped with floor-mounted riveting machines. The frames then went by a knee-level chain conveyor for the installation of engines, steering boxes and transmissions, components being...

Page 36 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1978

Books for Christmas

Bugatti -- An Illustrated History of the Cars from Molsheim by Hugh Conway and Jacques Greilsamer. 280 pp. 9-1/2" x 12-1/2".   Editions Modelisme, 94, Boulevard de Sebastopol, 75003, Paris, France.  260.00 French francs. This is the Christmas browsing-book par excellence and perusal of its lavish and magnificently-illustrated pages makes one wonder why anyone who can afford to purchase, maintain...

Page 41 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, July 1972

Pre-'50 American AC Hereford Rally (June 4th)

This assembly of American vehicles built prior to 1949 (a date limit observed to let in Ford V8 Pilots) was held at the well-policed Hereford (horse) race course in conjunction with the Cider Festival. There was a commendably representative entry, divided into products of deceased American companies, the Chrysler Group, Fords, General Motors' makes, Anglo-American hybrids, commercials,...

Page 74 of October 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, October 1997

Delta Bravo

In the final part of our series on Lancia's world rallying legends, Matthew Franey gets to grips with the awe-inspiring Delta S4 and Integrale In the mid-1980s, world rallying entered its most awesome period - it was also its darkest. Technology had brought four-wheel drive to the sport, allowing cars to grip harder, brake later, accelerate earlier, and the new Group B rules demanded a...

Page 27 of May 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, May 1983

Matters of moment

The modern Bentley  As the road-test report by A.H. in the colour-section of this issue of Motor Sport is on the Bentley Mulsanne Turbo, it is appropriate to reflect on the Bentleys made by Rolls-Royce Motor Car Division of Crewe. When it was time to return the test car we went to the Rolls-Royce factory and talked about them with Jack Read ("J.M.R." by R-R identification), the present Future...

Page 34 of June 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, June 1984

Silverstone 1,000 Kms

Works Porsche lucky Two factors have conspired to reduce the apparent advantage of the factory Rothmans-Porsches this year and both were in play at Silverstone on May 13th when Jacky Ickx and Jochen Mass were a shade lucky to win the World Endurance Championship 1,000 Kilometre race. The works cars are no longer appreciably lighter than the customer Porsche 956s, thanks to the new minimum weight...



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