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Page 18 of February 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, February 1968

American Comment

Gas turbine cars have been attracting considerable attention over here this winter, and 1968 may well be the year that these engines come into their own in racing—both for Indianapolis cars and for road racing machinery. The most recently announced Indianapolis project is a team of two cars to be built by Ken Wallis, the man who was largely responsible for the design and construction of...

Page 93 of November 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, November 1984

V-E-V Miscellany

_ Y-E-V Miscellany. — We hear that Neil Corner has acquired Ronnie Symondson's ex-Embiricos Type 578 Bugatti, Neil has had two of these cars in the past but sold them, one going to California. We may have recently mistaken Model-B for Model-A Fords but note that The Times captioned one of these later Fords, which vvas on display at the Olympia Alternative Car Show,. as .2 Model-T. . . Referring...

Page 28 of June 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, June 1968

American Comment

The Great Turbine Controversy finally came to a head last month when practice opened for the 52nd Indianapolis 500. Although this was necessarily written before the qualification attempts or the race itself, the first two weeks produced more than their usual share of extraordinary and, unfortunately, tragic events. The controversy began, of course, when Parnelli Jones drove the S.T.P. Turbocar to...

Page 58 of April 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 2006

Whistling in the dark

Gas turbine racers were hot news for a few experimental years. Gordon Cruickshank explains Gas turbines in cars just don't work. If they did we'd all be running one today. But over three decades, from the 1950s on, engineers on both sides of the Atlantic put immense resources into trying to marry an aircraft engine to a road vehicle. And turbine cars twice came within a gnat's crochet of pulling...

Page 16 of March 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, March 1969

American Comment

The three major racing organisations in the United States, and most of the leading competitors, have now completed their plans for the coming season and it looks like being both a busy and an interesting one for all concerned. Motoring sport as a whole has been mushrooming on this continent for the past two or three years and, while there is every sign that this boom will continue, the organising...

Page 43 of April 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, April 1980

Out of the past

From time to time Motor Sport's readers send me much interesting material, such as a photostat of a page from the one-time Douglas Company's house-magazine The Con-Road, of which I had not heard previously. This came to me from Mr. Geoff Lee of Ruislip and is dated 1927. It is about a racing car assembled by C. G. Pullin from parts he imported from America, for use at Brooklands in 1911. Now I...

Page 92 of May 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, May 2009

"We felt like kings"

Confidence was sky-high at Vapordyne HQ. With eccentric millionaire Bill Lear behind them they were sure they could win the Indy 500 – with a car driven by steam By Paul Fearnley Bill Lear was a yes-can-do guy; hence his 130-plus patents for electrical devices. He wasn’t always their sole originator, but he usually brought something to the party: sensed their potential; neatly simplified them for...

Page 49 of January 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 1987

Williams FW11 - Honda RA163FV6

The Williams-Honda FW11 won nine of 1986 season's 16 World Championship Grands Prix, securing the Championship for the Anglo-Japanese partnership. This was a logical development of the FW10/10B which won four races in 1985, although outwardly displaying a very much sleeker, lower profile thanks to the recent regulation change reducing the fuel capacity maximum from 220-litres to 195-litres at the...

Page 42 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, January 1973

On the Clan Crusader and Mazda 818 Coupe

Road Impressions Clan Crusader Forming a new company to build Imp-based sports cars in the present climate ot increased motor vehicle legislation and the coming of Value Added Tax would seem to be a foolhardy venture. But Clan Motor Company's Managing Director Paul Haussaner had rather better credentials for doing so than the majority of under-capitalised optimists who try to break into motor...

Page 90 of September 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, September 1984

Packards at Indy

Sir, You are correct about the 122" Packard team at Indy in 1923. But there was no connection between the Packard Cable Specials and the Packard Motor Car Co. The Packard Electric Company was founded in 1890 by the same Packard brothers who built the car by that name in 1899. In 1903 the former was sold to the General Electric Co. From 1919 to 1932, when it became a Division of the General Motors...



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