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Page 98 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 98, November 1978

An Afternoon with an Aston Martin DB3S

The Deputy Editor airs the Midlands Motor Museum's Works Team car When I announced to a couple of Aston Martin enthusiast friends that I was to drive an Aston Martin DB3S - an ex Team car at that - they said knowledgeably: "A better car on the road than the circuit, you know." They may well be right, for the DB3S was less highly strung than some of its thoroughbred sports/racing contemporaries,...

Page 50 of June 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 1963

The Midland Motor Museum

On May 29th another museum was opened. This is the Midland Motor Museum at Measham, of which Lord Montagu is Chairman and which is owned by a company formed by David Wickens, Chairman of Measham Motor Sales. The Museum is housed in a fine new building, able to accommodate 80 vehicles and with natural lighting front glass panels in the roof. High doors enable commercial vehicles to be driven in,...

Page 45 of December 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, December 1969

Tuning Test: British Leyland Special Tuning Maxi

The Austin Maxi has not met with unanimous acclaim from the critics, in spite of which British Leyland are confident that the model has enormous sales potential. In the all-important export market, its rugged construction and exceptional ground clearance, combined with the ability to transport a worthwhile amount of baggage, could attract buyers. Existing company policy suggests that it will not...

Page 43 of August 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, August 1964

The Private Teams

The names of Team Lotus, Cooper Cars, Owen Racing Organisation, etc. are household words, for they are constantly in the full glare of publicity. But what of the smaller teams and private owners, without whom there would be very little racing at all? In an effort to rectify the disproportionately small amount of publicity received by the small teams we have asked them a few questions about their...

Page 35 of June 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, June 1950

"Busman's Holiday"-II

The Editor Drives a Further Selection of Different Motor Cars THE longer you defer a holiday the more reluctant you become to resume the daily routine at its conclusion, so perhaps I am fortunate that my duties as Editor of MOTOR SPORT give me but little time for vacations, if they do allow me the pleasure and excitement of occasionally taking a "busman's holiday" by exchanging the Editorial desk...

Page 17 of July 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, July 1950

Club Affairs

Plans are going ahead for a "pilot" race meeting of the Bristol M.C. and L.C.C. at Castle Coombe on July 8th. This event will take the place of the calendared Naish Hill Climb and it will take the form of a "try-out" of the circuit. There will be six races, including one for "specials," saloons, sports cars and "500s." * * * This year the Cemian Motor Club Gymkhana is being held at the College of...

Page 17 of February 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1972

Grand prix scene

DSJ previews the coming season By the time these words appear in print the 1972 Grand Prix season will have begun, with the Grand Prix of Argentina held on the National Autodromo in Buenos Aires. The Argentinians held a Formula One race in 1971 as a test run for their World Championship event this year and it will be recalled that it was a strange race held in two parts and Amon was the overall...

Page 25 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, October 1972

The 43rd Italian Grand Prix

Deadly dull for Monza Monza, Italy, September 10th. As reported last month in Continental Notes the Monza circuit was slowed down by the introduction of two chicanes so that when the teams began testing and practising for the 43rd Italian Grand Prix there was quite a lot to learn. The wide track in front of the pits was divided in two by a line of rubber cones which kept the cars in the right-...

Page 13 of December 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1950


? I OWNED CARS I HAVE REMEMBER the Erie-Campbell ? That was the first car I ever owned. Where they got the "Eric " from I don't know, but Campbell, as a matter of interest, was the second Christian name of Capt. Macklin (later Sir Noel), who founded the marque and was later to give as the Invieta and the Railton. As regards detail, I can't claim to have any very clear recollections of the Eric-...

Page 11 of July 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, July 1953

Les 24 Heures du Mans, 1953

Magnificent Victory by Jaguar – All Records Broken Le Mans (Sarthe), June 14th. The Le Mans 24-hour race carries with it more tradition and history than any other event in the minds of most people and the occasion of the XXIst Grand Prix d’Endurance, on June 13th/14th, not only continued this position, but celebrated the 21st birthday by being the first occasion when over 100 m.p.h. has been...


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