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Page 52 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 2014


Formula One Circuits From Above Bruce Jones In principle the idea is excellent: tap into the miracle of Google Earth to provide satellite imagery of the world’s classic racetracks, with explanatory footnotes detailing the finer points of each corner and scattered paragraphs outlining the great, the good and the successes they achieved locally. In parts this works well, but “legendary” seems an...

Page 213 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 213, July 2014

From the archive with... Doug Nye

In Jarrot's slipstream Retracing the route of the Circuit des Ardennes, where British pioneers made their names London’s first Chinese restaurant, it appears, was opened in 1907. Now park that thought for a while. During the same year, Belgium’s last Circuit des Ardennes race took place on a 53½-mile-long public road course based upon the market town of Bastogne. The Circuit des Ardennes was the...

Page 82 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, May 2014

Senna's dirty weekend

It was the kind of thing a team would nowadays doubtless suppress – an F1 star sneaking away to try his hand at rallying. But such things were possible in 1986, even when the driver was Ayrton Senna. He relished every secondWriter Steve Bennett Ayrton Senna – rally driver. Now there’s a cover line any magazine editor would covet. It happened too, on a blustery, grey Welsh hillside in 1986. Ayrton...

Page 22 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 2010

Bloodhound to run in 2011

Richard Noble’s 1000mph Bloodhound project is on course for a 2011 record run, with a radical redesign, a new HQ, and a location for the supersonic record attempt. Bloodhound aims to smash the current 763mph Land Speed Record, set by Andy Green in Noble’s previous device, ThrustSSC, before hitting four figures on four wheels. Since the mock-up of the twin-engined device was displayed, Bloodhound...

Page 128 of February 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 128, February 2008

Classic view of Aussie tracks

A return to the Classic Adelaide Rally provided the perfect opportunity to explore the circuits that historically hosted the Australian Grand Prix As I write I’m sitting here with heavy eyelids, lolling head, feeling decidedly peculiar. The plus side is that I understand the problem. This is what 36 hours travelling from Australia to England does for you. There’s the usual feeling of unreality....

Page 30 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 2013

Top tweets

@matoxley So Pons says he crashed after getting rammed: “I noticed a strong blow to the back and have flown away...” Thanks, Google Translate. @PaulPunter Stopped by French customs this morning. Anything to declare? Yes, 150 Niki Lauda autographs to be FedExed to Alastair Caldwell #confusedlook @Andrew_Frankel What’s the most evocative race track name ever - I’ll open the bidding with Solitude...

Page 58 of January 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, January 2012

Endangered species

The risk of dusting off this irreplaceable Le Mans winner for a 20th anniversary test run terrified the men at Mazda. But their fear couldn’t quench the fun for our lucky driver By Sam Hancock If I tell you not to think of an elephant, what do you do? If I then repeat myself and suggest – this time more sternly – that you really ought not to think of a giant grey elephant with its long trunk,...

Page 52 of December 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, December 2010

Lap of the Godfathers

Aristocrat Vincenzo Florio created it, local hero Nino Vaccarella made it his own. Return to the roads of the Targa Florio today and the echoes they created live on – even above the bark of a modern Ferrari V8 "I’ll give you the same tip I gave to Jacky Ickx in 1973 when he was driving the Targa for the first time, in the Ferrari 312P,” says the voice on the end of the phone. “I told him ‘This is...

Page 109 of March 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 109, March 2013

Sand blast

The Dakar Rally offers the toughest of challenges, but prior to 2013 there had never been an entry quite like Race2Recovery. These are remarkable people, who refuse to allow life-changing injuries deflect their ambition By Ed Foster Here we go again. We're in a sand bowl in the northern tip of the Sahara desert and the only way out is to reverse up one side until our Land Rover Defender comes to...

Page 122 of June 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 122, June 2012

Modelling is a Rush job

The new Ron Howard Formula 1 movie Rush is using replica cars for filming, but for Mirage Engineering it's not been an easy task to make them I’m not making a documentary, I’m making a drama,” Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard tells me as we walk back from lunch at Crystal Palace where he is directing the new film Rush on Niki Lauda and James Hunt. It’s a surreal experience talking to...


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