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Page 35 of March 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, March 1966

The VW 1300

Increased Performance Greatly Enhances Top-Quality Small Car The Volkswagen is an enigma. It has survived thirty years without change in its basic design or styling, in its fatuous Beetle form. Yet it continues to sell, and sell, and sell. And not only sell, but give service and satisfaction to countless customers throughout the civilised, and not so civilised, World. It is a fact that to date...

Page 20 of February 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, February 1997

Master Blaster

With 1200kg and 700bhp, the GT1 Viper eats straights and slingshots out of corners. But what's it like going into them? Andrew Frankel straps in and blasts around Paul Ricard Fear is an odd thing. Creeps up on you just when you're not expecting it. From the moment Chrysler rang to invite me to Paul Ricard to drive its 700bhp Viper GTS-R GT1 sports-racing car to the moment it and I rumbled out of...

Page 43 of August 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, August 1976

Bo Hellberg: rallying Diplomat

Reason, sweet reason: we have recently been fortunate enough to meet the man who personifies the objective view in motorsport. Just as Sweden is known for its neutral stance, Saab Competitions Director Bosse "Bo" Hellberg seems to be the only one of the manufacturers' representatives from whom one can get an almost impartial report of the latest controversy. Naturally Bo is still conscious of his...

Page 78 of December 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, December 1993

Brighton Run

The RACNCC Veteran Car Run from London's Hyde Park to the Madeira Drive at Brighton, with Benson & Hedges sponsorship and held this year on November 7, has become a national, nay a world-renowned, happening. Never more so, indeed, than this year, with an entry of 460 pre- 1905 vehicles — the police being more lenient over the total allowed in view of the much improved Brighton Road in recent...

Page 44 of December 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, December 1995

Drive and Survive

Fleet training is big business. Many companies send all their drivers on such courses. GC went to discover what they can learn. The name sums up their philosophy. This is a commercial operation with a social agenda: improve driver awareness and you can reduce road accidents. Drive & Survive operates on a large scale, training 23,000 drivers last year, and major clients like IBM and DHL claim...

Page 74 of May 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, May 2010


When two tribes go to war… it’s Senna vs Prost, Mansell vs Piquet as the superpowers turn the wick up on their turbo missilesBy Nigel Roebuck It was the era of Margaret Thatcher, relished by some, despised by others. It was a time of plenty, even excess, not least in motor racing, which went through perhaps the most convulsive decade in its history. The ’80s. “In my time,” said Patrick Tambay, “...

Page 49 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, December 2012

Driven by design

The greatest racing car designer of his generation was curious: how would it feel it away from the drawing board and be let loose in two of his own creations spanning 20 years of Formula 1 evolution? When Adrian Newey asked, we were thrilled to oblige BY DAMIEN SMITH Early September, a couple of days after the Belgian Grand Prix and a few before the Italian at Monza. Christian Homer has just...

Page 56 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, March 1981

Book Reviews

"Alpine — The Classic Sunbeam" by Chris McGovern. 256 pp. 9 3/4" x 7". (Century Books Ltd., 15, Pont Street, London, SW1X 5EH. £9.95). With so many of the great and lesser makes of car now covered by one-make histories, authors have for some time been turning to one-model or sirnilarly-specialised books. "Alpine — The Classic Sunbeam" is such a book to be welcomed by those who like every facet of...

Page 28 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, July 1972

Le Mans

-A French Victory Le Mans, France, June 10th/11th The 1972 Le Mans 24-Hour Race, or Grand Prix of Endurance as it is called officially, will not go down in history as one of the more exciting events, but it will have its place, for it saw the first victory by a French car since 1950, when Louis Rosier and his son won with a Lago-Talbot. This year it was the French Matra team who won, success...

Page 16 of July 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, July 1961

Les Vingt-Quatre Heures du Mans

The Le Mans race cannot make a claim to fame as being the best motor race, nor can the Sarthe circuit be considered the best on which to race; the organisation is not beyond reproach, new are the regulations. There are many faster, more difficult, more severe, more interesting, more exciting motor races in Europe, but on one count Le Mans stands unchallenged. It is the longest motor race. From 4...


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