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Page 9 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 2004

Paul Fearnley's off the line

Green Issues Nobody had worn British Racing Green with greater pride — or more success — than Team Lotus. Impressed by the glitz and glamour of Indianapolis, Chapman had added that longitudinal yellow stripe, but that was all. Until Esso and Firestone withdrew their support — and ex-Lotus mechanic Dave Lazenby happened to mention to Andrew Ferguson, the man whose job it was to keep the team's...

Page 35 of October 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, October 1982


MATTERS OF MOMENT • GRAND PRIX FINALE By the time this issue of MOTOR SPORT sees the bookstalls, the Fl Drivers' World Championship will have been decided, the excitement having been sustained right up to the last Grand Prix race of the season, at Las Vegas, which will receive our full reporting-treatment in the November issue. Interest has been built up as to the outcome of this Championship by...

Page 28 of August 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1998


The most misunderstood man in the history of motor racing or simply an insufferably arrogant pain in the neck? Mark Hughes examines the enigmas that is Nigel Mansell Right from the start, in his own mind he’s a giant. A good giant. And he does things that back up that belief. Regularly. And each time, he turns around to accept the plaudits, because these are important to him. And each time, he...

Page 67 of April 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, April 1990

State Of The Art - Graham Turner

Press of Canvas Question — Name the first motor racing artist that comes into your head. chances are that most of you reading that last sentence immediately said to yourself "Michael Turner" — and that's hardly surprising, as he has been the doyen of automotive artists for the last three decades. What has guaranteed his lasting appeal to all motoring enthusiasts from the guy in the rally jacket...


October 2019
Brawn Supremacy



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