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Page 13 of December 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1967

Matters of moment

• Travesty of Justice "Mr. X went to the Police and said that his next-door neighbour had been seen to commit a murder. On this slender statement alone the neighbour was arrested and although protesting her innocence, was found guilty of wilful murder on the evidence of Mr. X, and was duly hung. Subsequently Mr. X was found to have had a grudge against the woman, who was innocent." If you read...

Page 97 of August 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 97, August 2004

Book reviews

Ken Miles by Art Evans ISBN 0 9705073 3 Published by Photo Data Research, $49 It was clear to all who watched that Ken Miles could race. He was better still as a test driver. But it was also clear to all who met him that he was always honest, in a brutal sort of way. Commendably, family friend Art Evans’ book doesn’t hide from that. There are contributions from those who met Ken, from when...

Page 101 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, July 1984

V-E-V Miscellany.

-- The Bean CC's magazine recently carried some intriguing items relating to Police cars in vintage times. It first drew attention to a statement in the Daily Express in 1932 to the effect that a London gang had eluded police vehicles because these could not exceed 70 mph. This brought a follow-up, culled from The Motor of 1929, which described a London chase in which three criminals in a 30/98...

Page 61 of June 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, June 1972

The Rally Handbook

Published by Batsford in May was a comprehensive work by Richard Hudson-Evans entitled "The Rally Handbook". It does just as the title suggests, explaining in detail the building of a rally car, driving it, navigating it, servicing it and dealing with all the paperwork. Even the rally organiser's job is discussed. Hudson-Eans, presently a reporter on ITV's Drive-in programme, is an amateur rally...

Page 173 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 173, July 2014

The end of innocence

Huge advances in safety corresponded with real-world political and financial machinations that would change motor racing forever. And it can all be traced back to one terrible Sunday afternoon Writer Andrew Benson Everything changed on the afternoon of May 1, 1994. When Ayrton Senna’s Williams hit the wall at Imola’s Tamburello corner, and the great Brazilian was killed by a suspension arm...

Page 42 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, November 2008

“We haven’t always seen eye to eye, have we?”

David Coulthard wasn’t pulling any punches when he met with our writer, but then the Scot has had to fight for recognition throughout his career. Yet he leaves Formula 1 happy with his achievements and with his integrity intactBy Alan Henry It’s April 1, 2001. The scene is Interlagos, that bruising and buffeting 2.67-mile ribbon of careworn asphalt which has been such an essential part of the...

Page 57 of April 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, April 2013

Life beyond racing

— Insight — Sheene proved a natural fit for Australian TV A man like Barry Sheene was never going to disappear into obscurity after hanging up his leathers. Not surprisingly, his first thought was to try his hand at other forms of motor sport. Already during his bike racing heyday he had shown interest in an eventual move to cars, undertaking a test in a Team Surtees Formula 1 car, but a season...

Page 99 of October 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, October 2011

Relight the fire

Alan Gow first took charge of the BTCC as it hit its Super Touring stride. Second time round, he’s manufacturing a different success story By Paul Fearnley Twenty years ago at Silverstone, the late Will Hoy, bless his fireproof socks, won the opening round of a new-look British Touring Car Championship. Saloonatics of all shapes and capacities had been door-handling since 1958; the difference...

Page 12 of March 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, March 2004

In the hot seat

The 'voice of the sport' speaks out on muddy men on muddy bikes, crazy Norweigans in muddy cars, muddled-up phrases and mislaid tortoise mascots. If we're not very much mistaken, it's Murray Walker... For sheer entertainment value, what is your favourite brand of motorsport? Andy McCafferty, County Down Motocross. Motorcycles were my first love and I commentated on scrambling for the BBC and ITV...

Page 70 of May 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, May 1966

Letters from Readers.

N.B. —Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them.— Ed An appalling prospect. Sir, I commend you for your stand against bureaucratic control of the motorist. As an American motor enthusiast I have watched, through the window of your editorial and correspondence pages, the government of your country steadily approach the "...



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