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Page 56 of June 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, June 1956

2 C.V. Citroen's 100 Ascents Of Bwlch-Y-Groes

Air-cooling vindicated in R.A.C.-observed trial In 1925 the Rover Company was awarded the Dewar Trophy, that coveted award presented by Lord Dewar in 1906 to commemorate annually the most outstanding performance accomplished in Certified Trials observed by the R.A.C. They were awarded the Trophy in respect of an endurance feat undertaken by a 14/45 Rover saloon. This was the then new model...

Page 18 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1956

Some accessories at Earls Court

Automotive Products Ltd. Improved suspension joints and automatic transmissions are on view and oil and fuel filters. Stand 369. Avon India Rubber Co Ltd. The Avon Winter Safety tyre is on view together with the HM Airseal, which has no tube. Stand 205. Bosch Ltd. New exhibits are the P 11S sparking pings designed for motor-scooter engines and the M 11S range which has been introduced for the...

Page 2 of December 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, December 1945

Smiths of England Milestones Series No.8

In 1919 Capt. Ross Smith, M.C., D.F.C., A.F.C., and his brother Lieut. Keith M. Smith as Navigator, made the first England to Australia flight, a journey of nearly 12,000 miles. Both were awarded the K.B.E. for their services. The cruising speed of their Vickers-Vimy was 80 miles per hour, and its range only 1,000 miles. The first landing was made at Lyons, the next at Pisa, then Rome, Crete, and...

Page 16 of October 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, October 1952

Enthusiast's Directory: No. 2 - Sparking Plugs

Introduction Although petrol-injection may one day render the carburetter obsolete, the sparking plug looks like staying with us until the bitter end—for the piston engine—when the turbo-jet takes over. In the beginning hot-tubes were used for ignition purposes, superseded by low-tension ignition in which the make-and-break was situated within the cylinders, for in those far-away days a camshaft...

Page 12 of April 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, April 1953

Competition Representatives

The Competition Manager of a firm interested in racing has an interesting but hectic career. His job is to sign on the best drivers— like Keith Prowse with theatre tickets, only instead of the racing driver paying it is the firm which pays him! Having got his drivers the Competition Manager has to ensure that his products are in fact used at all agreed events, and that entails having a proper...

Page 21 of April 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1939

Club News

etta KENTISH BORDER C.C. The Kentish Border Car Club will hold a freak hill-climb at a new and secret venue near Kingsdown, Kent, on Sunday, April 2nd. Competitors will start from the Clearways Filling Station, Kingsdown at 1 p.m. and be led to the hill. The new hill is said to have a grass surface of a non-chassis breaking nature, and to possess a gradient worse than Knatt's. Climbs will be...

Page 8 of February 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, February 1931


CAMPBELL'S "BLUE BIRD." Details of 1,450 hp. Challenaer Now Awaiting Trials. N any attempt on the record for the highest speed in any element, experience can only be a guide up to the point reached in previous attempts. Such experience is, however, of vital importance in anticipating the difficulties likely to occur at an increased speed, and it is Capt. Campbell's unique experience of this...

Page 29 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, March 1931

246.08 M.P.H.!

all the names connected with motor racing since the beginning, that of Malcolm Campbell stands out as representing the triumph gained by perseverance. Although having longer motor racing experience than any other Englishman now taking part in the sport, his career has not been one of unbroken good fortune. On the contrary, the record of his steady climb to fame as our foremost all-round driver,...

Page 30 of July 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, July 1956


This month's "Nostalgic" feature is based on some extremely interesting papers sent to us by Mr. M.H. Peard, of South Croydon, a keen Volkswagen owner. The first is a reprint front a 1911 issue of the now defunct Car Illustrated, describing the 15 h.p. Star. (Incidentally, Mr. Peard remarks that he remembers this excellent magazine, but that it was very expensive for a schoolboy to buy!) A Star...


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