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Page 10 of June 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, June 1936


Alfas up again There is always something new from Africa, and those two ferocious Grand Prix races, one in Tripoli and one in Tunisia, which took place last month, reveal a new and more healthy situation in big-car racing. After a period of complete, albeit well-deserved, domination by the two German marques, the 12cylinder Alfa-Romeo has at last arrived and the results of the two races show it...

Page 50 of July 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 1971

Factory methods of the vintage era

No. 15: the Rugby The Rugby was one of the Durant line of assembled automobiles made in Toronto, Canada, during the peak of the vintage years. The chassis frames were riveted up at the factory in a spacious hall equipped with floor-mounted riveting machines. The frames then went by a knee-level chain conveyor for the installation of engines, steering boxes and transmissions, components being...

Page 10 of March 1941 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 1941

Douglas Tubbs’s reply to the editor

[In last month's issue we took Douglas Tubbs to task for acclaiming the American automobile at the expense of British sports-cars. We promised not to edit his reply. Here it is.—ed. IN the February issue, my good friend W. Boddy accuses me of having a bee in my bonnet. This month, at his invitation, I intend to let it out to see who will get stung. In the article to which my critic objects, I was...

Page 47 of May 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, May 1935


THE LAGONDA RAPIDE VIVID ACCELERATION, HIGH CRUISING SPEEDS AND SILENT COMFORTABLE TRAVEL ARE FEATURES OF THIS STRIKING 4-LITRE CAR. THE announcement of a 4i-litre Lagonda at the end of 1933 was an event which brought real satisfaction to the large-car enthusiasts and the new Rapide, which made its bow to the public in such striking fashion at the 1934 T.T., when three of these cars finished...

Page 33 of June 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, June 1948

Club News

We hear... Vinnicombe and his brother are rebuilding their s.v. Aston-Martin chassis, but have been compelled to use Humber back-axle, wheels and prop-shaft to replace the original axle which was damaged when the old car was serving with the Home Guard during the war. H. Cocker is rebuilding a Wolseley Hornet with a Riley Nine engine. Barker is hot on the scent of an old 11.9-h.p. Lagonda and has...

Page 13 of April 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, April 1950

David Brown and the 2½-litre LAGONDA

Development Work on an Individualistic British Car with Twin O.H.C. Six-Cylinder Engine and Independent Rear Suspension.   The Lagonda is a make of car which has always been held in high esteem by enthusiasts. After an early venture in the light-car field, with the 11.1 and 11.9-h.p. models which are now collector's pieces in vintage circles, came the clever, complicated 2-litre, followed by the...

Page 33 of March 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, March 1958

Book Reviews

"W.O.—An Autobiography," by W. O. Bentley. 223 pp., 8½ in. by 5½ in. (Hutchinson and Co. Ltd., 178-202, Gt. Portland Street, London. W.1. 21s.) Motoring books have issued from the presses in confusing quantity and mixed quality for a long time but recently, amongst this welter, have come two extraordinary good ones, Alf Francis has given us the intimate "inside" story of the life of a present-day...

Page 38 of September 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, September 1935

The Rapier

The Rapier When the new When the new Lagonda Company announced that they were going to concen trate on the 44-litre and Rapide models, there were many of us who regretted the passing of the little 10 h.p. Rapier. Now comes the good news that a company called Rapier Cars, Ltd., has been formed for the purpose of carrying on the manufacture of the car, which will in future be called the Rapier. The...

Page 59 of December 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, December 1991

Veteran to classic -- forgotten makes

The Burney Streamline When it made its debut late in 1930, the Burney Streamline created a more than mild sensation, even though it was never to achieve full production status. It was the creation of Commander Sir C Denniston Burney, Bt, KMG, who had been responsible for the airship R100. Although this Rolls-Royce-engined 3900hp airship flew a total of 14,956 air-miles, was capable of a speed of...

Page 21 of April 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1944


Sir, I was very pleased to see the letter from E. J. L. Griffiths in your February issue giving some notes on the 2-litre Lagonda. I have been specialising on this model for about six years now and would like to correct one or two errors and add a little further information. Firstly, the b.h.p. of the 1926 highframe model was about 60, the " Speed Model " with 6.8-to-1 compression ratio...



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