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Timing is everything Split-second accuracy is fundamental to both motor sport and the finely honed world of watchmaking, so it’s hardly surprising that the two are highly complementary. For many years now, watch companies have selected racing drivers as brand ambassadors. Famously, Jackie Stewart had his shirts’ left cuff tailored to make sure his Rolex was suitably visible at appropriate moments...

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Purple Reign

Jaguar's sports car with a Formula 1 heart blazed a trail, then burned out within one season. But the XJR-14 was a 'game changer'. the impact of the last great racing Big Cat caused tremors that still echo today. By Gary Watkins The engine note didn't waver. Not one iota. And the team hanging over the pitwall to catch a glimpse of their new creation's first flying lap thought there was a problem...

Page 30 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, August 1975

Continental notes

Swiss Grand Prix The Swiss Grand Prix used to be one of the classic motor races, held on a very fast and challenging circuit in the forest of Bremgarten, on the outskirts of the Swiss capital city Berne. It all started in 1931 when a big exhibition to encourage sport was held in Berne, and the local motorcycle club organised some racing on the paths through the forest. This motorcycle racing...

Page 76 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, July 1988

Too Many Projects

The Americans wanted open roadsters for their sports-car series, but with Group 7 deleted, Europe needed a Group 4 sports coupe. Jackie Epstein wanted a replacement for his ageing Ferrari 250 LM. With his Lola T70 experience in the 1966 CanAm Championship, he asked Eric Broadley to build him a coupé based on the T70 but, remembering Hawkins fiip at Mosport, he specified "it must have a front end...

Page 47 of May 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, May 1967

East African Safari

Easter in Kenya means Safari-time. The East African Safari Rally; the name itself chills spines as you imagine man and machine pitting skills against the ragged car-eating terrains of Tanzania and Kenya or the precipitous escarpments of the mighty mountain Kilimanjaro. All very romantic really, but in fact the myths that surround this great event are slowly being unravelled. To sum it up, the one...

Page 50 of July 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 2012

The Ultimate Super Group

Three decades ago, Group C set out to prove that a fuel efficiency formula could make for magnificent racing It had been great while it lasted. The 1992 FIA Sportscar World Championship was proof of that old adage that you only need two cars to make a motor race, although strictly speaking there were as many as four or five front-running cars per meeting; those rounds that weren’t cancelled, you...

Page 60 of March 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, March 2008

Forward thinkers

The next generation of F1 and Indycars must balance green technology with better racing. It’s a challenge that renowned engineers John Barnard and Mario Illien have been contemplating for years By Gordon Kirby For years the racing world has talked about introducing sweeping new technical rules, and last spring both the FIA and the Indy Racing League announced separate initiatives to create new...

Page 13 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 2012

Damien Smith Editor

next year, what happens in 2014 is the hot topic in motor sport circles right now. Major new regulations are due the season after next that will change the shape of Grand Prix and sports car racing. But in both worlds there remain question marks over exactly what this new landscape will look like. In Formula 1, the FIA is pressing ahead with its plan to introduce 1.61itre V6 turbos, though Berme...

Page 4 of January 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, January 2004


When exactly was the golden age of sportscar racing? Everyone has a different answer. Was it when Jaguar and Aston Martin took on and beat the Italian factories in the 1950s? Then there is Ford's invasion in the mid-60s with the mighty GT40 against Ferrari. Or, for sheer, no-holds-barred velocity, it's hard to match the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512S models of the early '70s. And if manufacturer...

Page 13 of October 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, October 2009

Sauber fights to save team

BMW’s shock decision to withdraw from Formula 1 at the end of this season has left Peter Sauber fighting to secure a future for the team he founded, and which he thought was in safe hands when he sold it in the summer of 2005. The announcement came at a time when doubts were being expressed about the future of both Toyota and Renault, and if anything BMW appeared to be among the most committed of...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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