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Page 146 of November 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 146, November 2008


The impressive annual Triple-M Register 2007 Yearbook, covering the overhead-camshaft MGs, is now available for £9 inc postage, from Peter Hemmings, Folly Farm, Thornford Road, Headley, Berks RG19 8AN. The MAC has asked us to request owners of Shelsley specials not registered in recent years to supply details of their cars to Robin Parker, 10 Earles Lane, Kensall, Tarporley, Cheshire CW6 OQR, as...

Page 34 of November 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, November 1977

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters VSCC— "The Welsh" (October 8 /9th) This is the title by which the Vintage SCC's Presteigne Week-End is now generally known. The formula was as before, however, with the choice of a minimum 200-mile road run on the Saturday and a trial on the Sunday (entry=70) or a Concours d'Elegance and driving-tests at Presteigne/Knighton on the Saturday only (entry=27)....

Page 24 of March 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, March 1971


A section devoted to old-car matters VSCC Driving Tests, Oxford (January 31st) The Vintage SCC has alternated pleasant driving-test venues with some very dreary ones, like the Slough Trading Estate, Blackbushe in the snow and Silverstone in December. But a BMC car park at Cowley in teeming rain, this year's substitute for Charterhouse, was scarcely any better. However, VSCC members are gluttons...

Page 48 of April 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, April 1972

Cars in Books

Quite a miscellany of references to cars this time, in recently-read non-motoring books, even to a piece on the Brands Hatch Racing Drivers' School in "The Second 'Field' Bedside Book" (Collins, 1969). And an interesting aside in "Small Boat on the Thames" by Roger Pilkinton (Macmillan, 1966) about how the road past Bray Lock was freed from its one-time 8d. toll by the action of a motorist who in...

Page 72 of July 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, July 1981

Maserati's 250F

The magic and the myth The English dictionary which graces the shelf in Motor Sport's editorial offices gives the definition of the word classical as "of the first class, of allowed excellence". It's an adjective which has frequently been used to describe the 2 1/2-litre Formula One Maserati 250F ever since the car was racing as a contemporary Grand Prix challenger. More has been written about...

Page 50 of March 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, March 1959

Cars in books

I was induced to wade through " The Scarlet Tree," second volume of Osbert Sitwell's autobiography (Macmillan, 1946), because in the opening volume "Left Hand, Right Hand!" the author promises to refer therein to refer to some of the hot cars of his youth. The reward hardly justified the effort, for although Sitwell recalls a ride with his mother on what he describes as "almost the first service...

Page 49 of December 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, December 1984

the vscc welsh event

The VSCC Welsh Event THE VSCC ran another enjoyable event in Wales over the weekend of October 13th / 14th, driving tests on the Saturday and the Welsh trial contested over both days. The former, at Knighton, were less popular than formerly, with 14 entries and Howell's H6C Hispano Stan a non-appearer. But the trial had an entry of 74, although Seymour Price non-started, his A7 having chewed up...

Page 34 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, November 1971


A section devoted to old-car matters The VSCC Welsh Week-end (October 2nd/3rd) The traditional excursion over the Welsh border for those of the Vintage SCC who own vintage cars duly took place last month, in glorious unanticipated sunshine, apart from one short but very heavy rain shower as the competitors were lining up to attempt the last hill before the now non-notorious Smatcher. While the...

Page 84 of September 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, September 1973

Cars In Books

Spotting "Black Champion" by Finis Farr (Macmillan, 1964) in the local library, I read it to see whether it contained any reference to the mysterious Edwardian Austin, believed by some to be a 1908 Grand Prix Austin, which the negro boxer was said to have owned. It did not, but there was quite a lot about the World Heavyweight Champion's motoring exploits. He had a weakness for fast cars and was...

Page 43 of May 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, May 1956


The Amateur Census Good-looking females have played a big part in motor-car publicity but it now looks as if the kids may be joining in, if not ousting the charming model-girls from their glamorous poses in and around the new cars. At all events, B.M.C. have produced the picture of a (rather precocious-looking) small schoolboy leaning on his father's Austin A90 Westminster and proclaiming to...



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