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Page 40 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1984

South African Grand Prix

Kyalami, Johannesburg, April 7th Early season Formula One form can frequently be misleading, but be that as it may the McLaren International team caught all its rivals off guard in the first two events of the 1984 Championship calendar. Two weeks after Alain Prost opened the year with victory in the Brazilian grand Prix at Rio de Janeiro, the Porsche-built, TAG-engined McLaren MP4/2s enacted an...

Page 9 of May 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, May 1988

New competition cars

McLaren MP4/4 At one time, a brand new car winning its first Grand Prix was an outstanding achievement, but nowadays it seems to be an accepted thing, especially where McLaren International is concerned. At the end of last season the McLarenTAG-Porsche contract ended and the Woking-based team, masterminded by Ron Dennis, switched its allegiance to the Japanese Honda firm for the supply of engines...

Page 17 of December 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, December 1990

Interview - Gordon Murray

Specification Engine: "Large" — Naturally aspirated Cylinders: "Lots" Power output: "Plenty" Suspension, brakes and steering: "Formula 1 standard" Availability: From 1994 Price: "More than anything in view today" Manufacturer: McLaren Cars Limited, South-east England If the specification for the forthcoming McLaren "supercar" looks decidedly vague, it's not because the directors are trying to...

Page 22 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1994

The quiet man

A meeting many years ago Down Under sparked something big for both Jack Brabham and Ron Tauranac but while one got the fame, the other shunned it. His classically simple, yet incredibly effective cars won championships in every category for which they were designed; Formulae One, Two, Three and Atlantic. They were so sought-after that buyers literally beat a path to his door. He not only became...

Page 51 of November 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, November 1980

Formula II Review

THE YEAR 1980 ushered in a new era of professionalism on the European Formula Two scene. Seasoned observers compared it to Grand Prix racing in the late sixties/early seventies, before the whirlwind of commercialism that changed the face of the sport's major echelon almost beyond recognition. The customer car market shrank as a myriad of new chassis designs appeared and the three most powerful...

Page 9 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, May 1987

Formula One: Brazilian GP

A joy to behold One of Grand Prix racing's most endearing characteristics is its unpredictability. Just when one driver or team seems to have established a set pattern of dominance, somebody close comes along and upturns our careful calculations. Yet at Rio on April 12, twice World Champion Alain Prost proved to the world that, whatever anybody else might be doing, his presence as the driver of...

Page 50 of June 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 1982

Reflections in the Kanal

AT THE top end of the Zolder circuit beyond the pits the track runs alongside the Albert Kanal that joins Antwerp to Maastricht and traffic along it is fairly heavy, so that during practice, if you are on the spectator slopes and have time to take your eyes off the racing cars, you can watch the barges and tugs ploughing silently past. It seemed a good place in which to reflect, but the...

Page 34 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, February 1989

Under scrutiny: TAG McLaren

The perfectionists Travelling along Albert Drive past the Woking Business Park, it is doubtful whether the average driver would appreciate that the building bearing the dayglo TAG McLaren logo behind the securely-guarded perimeter fence is the hub of one of the most successful Grand Prix teams in history — the team which re-wrote the record book in 1988 by winning 15 of the 16 Grands Prix, 15...

Page 54 of July 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, July 1991

British Grand Prix Preview -- Goodyear

DSJ has celebrated many an anniversary, the latest has been Goodyear's 250th win in Grand Prix racing..... Keeping a statistical score is a full time job for some enthusiasts, whether it be the number of pole positions gained by Ayrton Senna, the number of race wins by Alain Prost or the number of times a team has failed to finish, and the excitement usually begins at the figure 50, it being a...

Page 22 of September 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, September 1990

History May Yet Show..

The Tyrrell team reminds me of the plot from a Spaghetti western. The hero's on top, falls from grace, goes through a hard time, regains his self respect, and comes back into favour back on top. At the moment, the Tyrrell team has been through phases one to four, but do they have what it takes to reach that final stage — Top Team? Much has been happening at that former Surrey timber yard in the...



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