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Page 27 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, January 1967

Durability, pre- and post-war

So much is heard these days about badly-made and casually inspected cars that it was interesting, while browsing through some old motor journals, to come upon a yardstick by which the quality of pre-war cars compared to post-war products could be measured. In a 1938 copy of The Motor the late Laurence Pomeroy had an article called " 20,000 First class Miles," which was an account of his...

Page 36 of December 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1935


Continercata,_. notes and By OUR CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENT Steinweg Killed It is a characteristic human failing, I suppose, for the layman only to draw attention to the danger of motor-racing when a fatuous driver is killed. That the 1935 season has been happily lacking in fatal accidents naturally receives no comment. Again, it is curious that the only racing drivers to be killed in Europe this...

Page 25 of March 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, March 1934


NEW M.G. MIDGETS "P" TYPE WITH THREE BEARING CRANKSHAFT REPLACES THE "1" SERIES. THE M.G. Car Company announce for March an attractive range of 850 and 750 c.c. models which mark a further advance in the production of small sports cars. Retaining the underslung chassis which proved so successful in the" J" series, the engines, transmission, and brakes have been improved and strengthened, and...

Page 5 of January 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, January 1932

The Way of Things

7/1E F4LSEWHERE in this issue, under the heading of "The Vicious Circle," a contributor draws attention to the position which has arisen in the racing world, in which the attempt to depart from the special racing car has led us through a series of changes in the sports car racing rules, until we are back again in effect to the point where we started. Most of these points must have already...

Page 34 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, November 1956

The Austin that marched

[The Austin Seven has probably given more pleasure to a greater number of impecunious enthusiasts than any other car. Consequently, it has received proportionate space in Motor Sport. Articles relating to it have included contemporary road-tests of the Brooklands Cup, unblown Ulster, blown Ulster and other models; "Austin Seven Can's and Can'ts"—Mallock—Sept 1943; "An Ambitious Austin Seven...

Page 14 of September 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, September 1966

Vintage week-end

(August 13/14th) AUGUST 13/14th was a vintage week-end for me. On the Saturday I drove to Silverstone in the comfort and luxury of a 3-litre Rover Mk. III coupe (of which, more in the next issue) to see the Austin Healey/M.G./Mini Seven Clubs' B.M.C. Sports Car Parade, and some very exciting racing. Accepting a lift across the track with John Eason-Gibson (who also favours the 3-litre Rover), I...

Page 15 of November 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, November 1933


A MONTH OF RECORDS. THE USUAL END OF SEASON ACTIVITY RESULTS IN RECORDS BY THE NAPIER RAILTON, M.G. MIDGET AND MAGNA, HOTCHKISS, AUSTIN, DERBY AND AMILCAR. The Napier-Railton's 'Bag.' LAST month a determined onslaught on World's and Class" A" records was made by the Napier-Railton at Itilontlhery. A full squad went over with the car, consisting of the drivers John Cobb, Cyril Paul, T. E....

Page 12 of October 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, October 1950

The Cars at Earls Court

A.C. Stand 135 There is no change here except that prices have risen, the saloon now costing £1,059 and the Sports Tourer, with Buckland body, £1,098. The drophead coupe model is discontinued. The other cars retain the well-tried 2-litre, six-cylinder single-o.h.c., light-alloy engine that originated at the Thames Ditton factory as long ago as 1919. A.C. CARS, LTD., THAMES DITTON, SURREY. ALFA...

Page 26 of November 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, November 1967


BOOK REVIEWS "The Standard' Car, 1903-1963," by J. R. Davy. 143 pages, 7a in. x 4-Min. (Sherbourne Press Ltd., Hermitage Buildings, Longfellow Road, Coventry. 15$.) Here is yet another one-make history, to companion the long list of those already published. J. R. Davy is well known as the founder of The Standard Register and he has done a great deal to place the older ears of this make firmly in...

Page 32 of February 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, February 1969

The Cars of Colonel Rixon Bucknall

Described to the Editor in a recent interview Colonel Rixon Bucknall is a great motoring enthusiast, as well as being an authority on ships and railways of the steam era. He presumably inherited his interest in cars from his uncles, Ernest and Leslie Bucknall, who were pioneers of the horseless carriage movement. Indeed, Leslie Bucknall took part in the 1,000-Mile Trial of 1900 and three years...



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