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Page 53 of December 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, December 1963

Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club, Castrol, M.G. Car Club

The Secretaryship of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club has now been filled by Lt.-Col. E. B. Barrass, 5, Halland Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Glos. Telephone: Cheltenham 24525. ** Castrol have introduced four new motoring films which will soon be available for loan to motor clubs. These are "Works Entry," which deals with the fortunes of the B.M.C. and Ford Rally teams on the 1963 Coupe des...

Page 30 of July 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, July 1935


A NEW M.G. PUBLICATION. We have just received from the M.G. Company a booklet entitled "Supremacy" which records in photography some of the principal achievements of M.G. cars during the 1934 racing season. Chief amongst these are the Tourist Trophy race, the Mannin Beg and the British Empire Trophy at home, and abroad the Italian x,1 03 c.c. Championship, which was borne off by Rafaele Cecchini...

Page 15 of January 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, January 1937


Little Mary Amongst the more exciting preparations for the coming season are those of John Bolster, who will again run his famous " Mary " in sprint contests. John is now planning a new car which is to have four of the old 980 c.c. V-twin J.A.P. engines in a frame with Lockheed braking, independent Front suspension, and only two speeds. Transmission will be by chain and quite how this 4-litre...

Page 11 of June 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, June 1944

Racing with a K3 M.G. MAGNETTE

Racing with a K3 na MAGNETTE H. J. P. Williams's experiences of an ex-Mille Miglia car in races and on the road, recounted by Roy Jackson, his engineer. K " 3001" was one of the team cars to run in the 1933 Mille Miglia, being driven by Lord Howe and the late H. C. Hamilton. After the race the car came back to England. Again it went on its travels, this time to Germany in the hands of Kohlrauseh...

Page 12 of November 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, November 1940

On selling sports-cars

THE war is on, and the production of new motor-cars has ceased entirely, so this is just the time to devote a little thought to the none too simple subject of selling sports-cars. Lots of important people who were in the Motor Industry—the third largest pre-war industry in this country— before the war, will return to it when peace breaks out. So, however busy they are just now and no matter how...

Page 53 of October 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, October 1960


THE M.G.-A 1600 TWO-SEATER Logine : Four cylinders, 75.4 x 88.9 runt. (1,588 c.c.). Pushrod-operated overhead valves. 8.3-to-1 compression-ratio. 71:q ILIt.p. (net) at 5,600 r.p.m. Gear ratios : First, 15.65 to 1; second, 9.52 to I; third. 5.9 to 1; top. 4.3 to I. Tyres : 5.60 X 15 Dunlop Gold Seal tubeless, on centre-lock wire wheels. Weight : Not weighed. (Maker's figure; unladen, 18-1 cwt.)...

Page 2 of March 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, March 1943

The Motor Racing Brains Trust

Rivers-Fletcher and Bill Capon put over a very original form of motoring entertainment at the Rembrandt Hotel on January 31st, when they got five august persons to form themselves into a Brains Trust to handle questions sent in by enthusiasts, with Cecil Clutton to keep the "brains" up to scratch. The Brains Trust on this occasion comprised Peter Monkhouse, Laurence Pomeroy, Peter Berthon, Leslie...

Page 7 of September 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, September 1943

Great British achievements

The Editor describes the M.G. Magnette Victory in the 1933 Mille Miglia. It is well, sometimes, to recall some of the greater deeds which British motorcars have done in the face of unquestionably severe opposition. and no better example exists than the showing of the M.G. Magnette on the occasion of its first public appearance – the 1933 Mille Miglia. In the 1932 race of this classic series Lord...

Page 1 of April 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 1, April 1948

To the British Motor Industry

The Editor of "Motor Sport's" Open Letter The British Motor Industry, which made such an immense contribution to this country's war effort, is passing through a very trying period. I sometimes wonder whether we hyper-enthusiasts for motoring are sufficiently appreciative of what British manufacturers are achieving in these unhappy times. We tend to go into raptures over Alfas, Bugattis, Maseratis...

Page 22 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, September 1963

The 1.8-litre M.G.-B

A good all-rounder, capable of over 110 m.p.h., with adequate acceleration and the usual sports-car amenities, plus improved weather protection. From the days of Cecil Kimber the M.G. has, in all its various guises, been primarily a sports car and always an excellent British export proposition. The famous Midget, weaned as the Minor-like M-type, has been developed out of all recognition and is...



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