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Page 18 of May 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, May 1946


"500 Progress" The suggested rules for 500-c.c. class contests laid down by the B.A.C. Motor Sports Clubs are by now well known and seem generally acceptable. We rather liked the idea of not permitting more than two cylinders, but whether or not real economy would have resulted from insisting on pump fuel is debatable, John Bolster, of course, believing that reliability can only be courted by...

Page 22 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1947

Club News

We Hear R. W. Pollack knows of ten keen Frazer-Nash owners in the Birmingham area. His own Black burn-engined "Shelsley" Frazer-Nash is being fitted with a Clyde supercharger by Chris. Shorrock. Leslie Seyd has very thoroughly rebuilt the ex-Shakespeare 1913 "12/14" Mors and also has the 1912 14-h.p. Gregoire. L. W. Thomas is building a 2-seater "special", using 3 in. by 16-g. tubular chassis...

Page 24 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, June 1947

Monaco Ltd.

Monaco Ltd., of Watford, are exhibiting their light aero-engine and many motorracing photographs at the Watford Industrial Exhibition.

Page 33 of December 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, December 1946

Club News

We Hear It seems that the prices of the older secondhand cars are dropping a bit, so less-affluent enthusiasts may get their chance this winter. Recently an A.C. Anzani 2-seater for £40, a coupé of the same breed at like price, a "14/40" 1924 Sunbeam, and several "12/50" Alvis have been in the market. A reader bought a little-used 1921 Crossley for less than £40, and Packman, now with B.O.A.C.,...

Page 15 of December 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, December 1945


The New M.G. There have been many announcements of new modes, but the first post-war sports car comes from the M.G Car Company, Ltd., of Abingdon. Based on the pre-1939 T.B. Midget, the new car is known as the T.C. Midget. It has a rather wider body and improved weather protection, but is typically a product of Abingdon. The 1,250-c.c. 66.5 by 90-mm. engine has a compression ratio of 7.5 to 1 and...

Page 15 of July 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, July 1945


RUMBLINGS Our remarks last month about the need for an inexpensi ve, reliable small sports car have borne a little fruit. F. J. Hambling has a Austerity rather intriguing design for a people's Sports Car car, which is expected to perform well enough with a normal touring engine, such as an Austin, Morris or Ford Eight: or Ten, to put it in the sports car category. This is something quite separate...

Page 25 of February 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1948

Club News

We Hear A Bangor garage apparently has in hand a 500-c.c. "Special" with d.t. Douglas engine and Austin Seven transmission. W. A. Wiseman has a 1920 D-type "23/60" Vauxhall (with an absolutely unchipped starter ring, incidentally!), and he hopes to restore it to very good order indeed. In 1946 he bought a 1927 Armstrong-Siddeley Fifteen tourer for £45 and in 10,000 miles the only trouble...

Page 26 of March 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1949

Club News

We Hear Birkett motors in what appears to be normal 1928 Austin Seven "Chummy," except for outsize rear tyres, until the bonnet is opened, when a downdraught carburetter, four-branch exhaust manifold and Scintilla Vertex magneto are revealed; the car also has a close-ratio four-speed gearbox. Leslie Seyd has restored to original order the 1912 "12/15" Mors tourer once owned by Shakspeare. The...

Page 23 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, June 1947


Outstanding Newcomer We have waited a long time for the Jovvett Javelin. Now that details of it have become public property we find ourselves in no way disappointed. Indeed, it pleases us to discover that the old-established and ever-individual Bradford concern has introduced a world-beater — a car of which Britain and the enthusiast can be proud. That Motor Sport considers it high time this...

Page 3 of February 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, February 1949

Matters of the Moment

The Late Sir Malcolm Campbell The news that Sir Malcolm. Campbell passed away in his sleep on December 31st at the age of 63 comes as a great shock, not only to the motoring world but to the entire sporting fraternity. His health and sight had been failing of recent years, but Sir Malcolm made valiant attempts to stave off the depression that had begun to assail hint and, indeed, he hoped to...



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