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Page 66 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, September 1977

Rally Review

A Threat to Road Rallies Before Britain’s Motor Clubs found themselves able to follow the example of the RAC by organising rallies which used special stages on forest and other private roads, there was no official British Rally Championship to speak of. There was such a series run by the RAC, but little thought went into it and compared with other, non-rallying, series it was very much a poor...

Page 126 of July 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 126, July 2014

Lunch With... Motor Sport

In our 90th birthday issue we depart from routine to reminisce with some of the people who have kept the title aliveWriter Simon Taylor | Photographer James Mitchell The remarkable event that we celebrate in this issue – the fact that Motor Sport, after 90 years of publication, has not only survived, but continues to flourish – is almost without equal in the world of car magazines. In the English...

Page 41 of December 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, December 2008

Porsche's hottest numbers

In 60 years the Stuttgart firm has produced some glorious cars. Picking the 10 best models would be tricky enough, but the 10 best individual chassis? Time to turn to a true Porsche expert… By Michael Cotton There was a time when I did not care for Porsches at all. There, heresy confessed! My school exercise books were covered in drawings of Ferrari and Maserati Grand Prix cars, beautiful front-...

Page 86 of September 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, September 1980

Motoring News Rally Championship

A Review There was a time when rallying was considered somewhat less than respectable. It all took place at night in the bleakest parts of the countryside, in circumstances which decent citizens associated only with footpads and their nefarious deeds. Sponsors were unheard of, no-one had any trumpets to blow, nor had need of any, and there was something almost surreptitious about the way in which...

Page 52 of January 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, January 1962


MAINTENANCE HANDBOOKS These handbooks are supplementary to our range of Workshop Manuals, and contain information necessary for day-to-day running. They are of a size suitable for the cubby-hole. Listed below is a representative range-we have thousands of others. State YEAR, MAKE. MODEL. AUSTIN, all models 1932/61 ... 13/3 AUSTIN HEALEY, all models ... 13;3 B.S.A. three-wheelers, all years...

Page 52 of February 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, February 1970

An amateur championship

IT IS usual for this page to confine itself to comment on those International events which arc of greatest interest; European Championship qualifiers, the Home Internationals and any other rally which we consider worthwhile. Up till now, we have had little to say about British rallies which are of less than International status, preferring to leave such coverage to the weekly newspaper, Motoring...

Page 45 of January 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, January 1993

Teaming Metropolis

Into the tight right-hander at Lodge Corner. There's room for a Rover Metro and a couple of inches of daylight down the inside. Wait for his brake lights to come on. Count to three, grit teeth and go for it . . . now! You're through the corner as one, but the tighter line confers a couple of inches' advantage as you aim slightly left up the hill at Deer Leap. Perhaps you're too busy concentrating...

Page 4 of December 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, December 2008

Michael Cotton

Mike's association with Motor Sport goes back to the 1960s, when he was Assistant Editor. After a stint as Editor of Motoring News he became Press Manager of Porsche Cars GB, confirming a fascination for Stuttgart, and then a top sports car racing reporter. With several books on Porsche to his name, he is the perfect commentator for our story marking 60 years of racing success for the marque.

Page 27 of July 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, July 1977

Continental Notes

It now looks as though there is more than meets the eye in the "manoeuvrings" to get the German GP away from the Nurburgring. One "ministry man" involved with the Constructors Associations is clutching on to a fading document said to be "signed by all the F1 drivers" in which they unanimously agreed not to race at the Nurburgring in 1977. This was signed by those in action at the time at Monaco...

Page 3 of August 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, August 2000


After the deaths and injuries at the Goodwood Festival of Speed it would be too easy to conclude that if such events were not allowed, then people would still be alive and their families not ripped apart. The truth is, we love the Festival, we have supported it for years and will continue to do so if, as I hope and expect, it remains on the calendar. That said, there are always lessons to learn...



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