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Page 27 of August 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, August 1981

Matters of Moment

Terrible, Terrible . . . We live, unfortunately, in terrible times, with thousands-of-millions of pounds deemed necessary for protecting ourselves with nuclear weapons, blood being spilled on the streets of British cities (our sympathy goes out to the policemen who act so bravely during such riots), and unemployment approaching 3,000,000 in what still appears to be a moderately wealthy country....

Page 72 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, November 2014

"It just keeps on giving"

Motor Sport was offered an exclusive opportunity to try Audi’s 2014 Le Mans-winning R18. Your chauffeur? Harry Tincknell, who scored an eye-catching class victory on his Sarthe debut Writer: Sam Smith Mid-August, Italy. Shutdown. The towns and cities have emptied, their citizens headed for the Adriatic. Bronzed tourists line up, sardine-like, and bake on the scorched beaches of Riccione. A few...

Page 58 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2014

Aston Martin Vanquish

Fast and fruity, but not without flaws | by Andrew Frankel You might not have heard of Andy Palmer and, were it not my business to know of such people, I might not either. After all, who but an industry analyst is going to care much about the name of Nissan’s sales and marketing chief? But you’re going to be hearing a great deal more of him because, shortly, he is to become the new man in charge...

Page 20 of June 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, June 1984

World Rally Championship

World Championship Positions (After Safari and Corsica) Drivers (After 5 rounds) Markku Alén ..................48 Hannu Mikkola ..............44 Stig Blomqvist ................43 Massimo Biasion ............31 Walter Röhrl ...................26 Attilio Bettega ................24 Jean Ragnotti .................20 Björn Waldegård............20Makes (After 4 rounds) Audi...

Page 16 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, April 2004

Matters of moment

Euro Trophy for Britain The European Sports-Prototype Trophy will grace British tracks for the first time in four seasons in 2004, with events at Oulton Park and Silverstone. The 1960s GT cars and sports-prototypes will race at the Cheshire track for the first time as part of the Gold Cup meeting on August 29/30. Group 4 Racing's Jonathan Baker said: "We've got two new venues, more entrants and...

Page 24 of November 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, November 1987

African Gloom

In a nutshell, the Ivory Coast Rally was a pretty rotten event. As an attempt at copying the Safari it has never, in all its 19-year history, even looked like making the grade, and the small improvement which it managed to achieve in recent editions was blotted out this year, when the already weak organisation wilted under the strain of trying unsuccessfully to meet FISA's impossible demands...

Page 35 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, April 1984

Rally Review

Close Finish in Portugal It is usually the case that smooth rallies produce narrow penalty differences, whilst rough ones result in much wider margins. Alpine rallies used to be characterised by very close finishes indeed, whilst nowadays even forest rallies can keep their suspense until the end. On the other hand, the Safari, for instance, is timed in minutes, not seconds, and the time span...

Page 22 of November 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, November 1987

Across the Border

The more trodden a path, the easier the walk, and since its exploratory, almost tentative venture across the border only a few years ago, the Hong Kong-Peking Rally seems to have established itself as the best-known event in the oriental Far East. Hong Kong Rallies of years past were severely restricted by the colony's geographical limits, but the opening of the borders with the People's Republic...

Page 25 of May 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, May 1984

Thanks a million!

Nissan celebrated selling their millionth car in Britain, last month by introducing four new models, all of which will be on sale by mid-summer. The first, and most exciting of these, is the 300ZX sports coupe powered by a new aluminium-alloy V6 engine which develops 170 bhp in normally aspirated form, or 228 bhp in turbocharged form. The 300ZX is sold in "Targa" form, and the Turbo version,...

Page 57 of May 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, May 1972

Canadian registrations

Statistics received from a reader show how the Japanese are getting to grips with the Canadian market. Last year AMC sold 15,271, Chrysler 135,377, Ford 160,610 and General Motors 240,496 private cars. Of these AMC were down but the others showed an increase over the 1970 outputs. Of imported cars, Toyota sold 50,076, compared to 28,336 in 1970, Nissan/Datsun 45,100 against 32,086 in 1970, and...



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