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Page 41 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, October 1972

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The VSCC at Madresfield (Sept. 3rd) What a pleasant event the annual driving test meeting at Madresfield is! Competitors and spectators park on the wide grass verges flanking the long drive leading to Lord Beauchamp's house and during the afternoon leisurely manoeuvres take place which try to a mild extent the prowess of machinery and drivers. It is a pity...

Page 31 of March 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, March 1975

Rally Review - Winter Classics

Monte Carlo Rally What went wrong with the Monte Carlo Rally this year ? Why was it that only 96 cars set out from the various starting points whereas two years ago, when the rally was last held, it attracted all of 270? The reasons are simple enough; the organisers increased the entry fee from 1,500 francs in 1973 to 3,000, piled on the useless kilometres of the concentration run to something...

Page 18 of October 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, October 2012

Red Bull adds fizz to WRC

Energy drink giant Red Bull is spreading its motor sport wings by stepping in as the World Rally Championship's saviour. The sport's premier tier has been without a promoter since the fall of North One Sport at the start of 2012. Now, in what is expected to be a lucrative, multiyear agreement, Red Bull will promote the WRC through its Red Bull Media House arm. The brand will also assume title...

Page 45 of December 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, December 1995

On the Road Again

For a motoring journalist it's like being let out of prison. Six years after the accident which paralysed most of my body and my hands, I am finally behind the wheel again. Colleagues thought I was mad to go for another Alfa (my fifth) but after nine months I feel quite vindicated: my 3-litre Alfa 164 has proved almost ideal. Everything is electric, from seats to sunroof, and all by push-buttons...

Page 43 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, April 1975

Rally Review

Swedish Rally The International Swedish Rally, the only real snow rally in the World Championship, ironically suffers a great deal at the hands of the weather. There are always doubts as to whether there will be enough snow to keep the forest tracks covered despite the biting of the tyres and to provide snowbanks sufficiently high and deep to provide protective cushions. In the weeks before this...

Page 50 of September 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, September 1989

Son of pearl

We ended our report on the new ERA W Mini (Motor Sport, August 1989) with the words "the Mini is still a sweetheart amongst the specialists". No sooner were these words printed than we received notice of yet another celebration of the model's 30th, or pearl, anniversary. And we were stopped in our tracks firstly by its specifications and secondly by its price... Any car listing 40 major...

Page 53 of October 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, October 1976

Rally review - The rally of the Thousand Lakes

Different racing circuits must, I suppose, have character differences, but nowadays they seem all to be lost in ferro-concrete, advertising and protective barriers, a far cry from the days of not all that long ago when Silverstone was to the Sicilian mountains as a Chipmunk was to a Hastings—both useful and efficient but totally different in character. Happily, the same cannot yet be said about...


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