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Page 21 of December 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, December 1947

Fixtures for December

4th. — Vintage S.C.C. A.G.M., Heal's Restaurant 6th. — B.O.C. Annual Dinner, Grosvernor House. 7th. — Bently D.C. Guests' At-Home, Steering Wheel Club, 12 noon. 10th. — R.A.C. Meeting of the Clubs, Pall Mall. 27th. — Bentley D.C. Christmas Party, Dorchester Hotel.

Page 48 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 2014


Hidden Glory, The Story of the Crosslé Car Company Alan Tyndall Other volume racing car manufacturers have cultivated higher profiles – March, Lola, Van Diemen and Reynard, to name but four – but one of the UK’s most engaging cottage industries has been ravaged by one-make myopia and many famous names have either gone to the wall or else simply faded away as custom dried up. But not Crosslé. For...

Page 22 of August 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1952

Chain Chatter

by "Carrozzino"  At the time of writing the G.P. season is in full swing, having had the Dutch and Belgian races on successive weekends and the reinstated German G.P. on July 20th. From the International aspect the 500 c.c. and sidecar classes have been producing some of the finest racing seen for many a long day. In the Dutch and Belgian events, Masetti (Gilera four-cylinder) beat Duke (Norton)...

Page 25 of November 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, November 1935


STIFFER CONDITIONS IN THE MONTE CARLO RALLY 55. K.P.H. OVER LAST 1,000 KILOMETRES. ENGINE CHASSIS AND AXLES SEALED TO PREVENT SUBSTITUTION. NO RELIEF CARS, SUPERCHARGERS BANNED Hardly a point in the regulations for the 1936 Monte Carlo Rally, which were issued last month, has escaped alteration. A higher average speed and a strict timeschedule for the last stages of the road section will make it...

Page 96 of June 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, June 1980

Rallying on the Roof of the World

Rallying on the Roof of the World THE CHALLENGE of tackling the unknown is always one of the great excitements of going rallying. Practice breeds familiarity and pace noton provide a pr.ision which can never be possible at first sight, but even to there is always the possibility of corning face to face with the unexpected, and he who allows contempt to replace respect and readin.s is likely to...

Page 42 of July 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, July 1973


• I'll huff and I'll puff. . . . In announcing his vast expansion plans for the British Leyland Motor Corporation, following his sales success with the Morris Marina and his Austin Allegro venture, Lord Stokes revealed that, as well as a great new engines factory, a new Rover plant, and many new BL models, including sports cars, British Leyland, if not exactly blowing Castrol House down, is to...

Page 24 of February 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1933


THE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE B.S.A. TIEERE are certain ideas in automobile construction, which although commended in theory by many people, are seldom put into practice. 'IN.vo examples of these departures from orthodox design are front-wheel drive and independent wheel suspension. The advantages of the latter are accepted without reserve by all those who have driven a car so equipped, but there remains...

Page 31 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, April 1962


THE PORSCHE CARRERA 2 The old law of magazine publishing implied that if a manufacturer " took space" in an appropriate journal he would be granted editorial publicity in return. If this applied to MoToa SPORT there would be some cars our readers would never hear about but fortunately advertising revenue and editorial utterances are kept apart. Even so, some people are never satisfied. For...

Page 48 of February 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, February 1965

The T.M.C.

Sir, Your correspondent Mr. Frank Farrington mentioned this company in relation to the Wilkinson motorcycle. This was not, in fact, designed by Mr. Ogston, but by the Engineering Department of this company, and was a direct descendent of an earlier product, the Pall Mall bicycle. Four marks of motorcycle were made by this company, the first two, between 1909 and 1911, being the Wilkinson T.A.C. (...

Page 7 of September 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, September 1939


MONTHLY BULLETIN SEAMAN MEMORIAL FUND TYPICAL of the many tributes that have accompanied donations to the Seaman Memorial Fund is the following from Mr. F. H. Seymour of Alvaston, Derby. He writes : "I have seen that a Fund has been opened in order to erect a Memorial to the undying memory of the late Dick Seaman. I enclose a small donation as a tribute to the finest driver this country has ever...



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