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Page 100 of April 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, April 2002


In the 1920s, Professor A. M. Low DSc, who wrote articles simplifying obscure scientific facts, told us that one day the human race would lose its legs, because it would never need to go out, as it would watch continual TV, and eat food in tablet form. Aldous Huxley forecast `smellies', cinemas in which appropriate scents would waft to the audience in company with the films. The latter has yet to...

Page 71 of April 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, April 1990

Book Reviews

Riley-RM Series By James Taylor. MRP, Unit 6, The PiIton Estate, 46 Pitlake, Croydon CR 3RY. 192 pp. £29.95. The vintage and pvt Rileys have received very complete coverage in book form and now James Taylor has given the same treatment to the RM-Series cars of this respected make. The amount of very detailed data on the Rileys which the Nuffield organisation built just prior to WW2 and which...

Page 74 of April 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, April 1993

Historical series - No 19 and No 20

Two more of those welcome Rolls-Royce historical studies put out by the R-R Heritage Trust and the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation are to hand, for prices which make all other books of similar research value seem astronomically expensive. These little but informative volumes are available for £6.20 and £9.00, respectively, to non-members of the publishing organisations. The first, Historical...

Page 93 of January 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, January 1999


The cars of the STD combine have been fully documented, as have the Roesch Talbots and the Rootes Group Sunbeam Talbots, Alpines and Rapiers, except for the 1930s French Talbots. This has now been rectified by a translation by Edward Wilson of M. Rene Bellu's Toutes Les Talbot Des Annees 30, originally for the benefit of members of the STD Register who lacked data on the later cats. Although a...

Page 119 of September 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 119, September 2000

Heritage trust

Those who look beyond cars may care to note that No 24 in the R-R Heritage Trust publications is a very complete work about the Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engine and its origin, by Lionel Haworth. Cost is 1,9, post free, from R Hough, R-R Trust (ML71), PO Box 31, Derby.

Page 69 of September 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, September 1994

Slivers of history

I have received from the archives of the Rolls-Royce EC, through the thoughtful General Secretary, Peter Baines, some fascinating slivers of motor racing history. The story of how Sir Henry Royce investigated one of the 1914 GP Mercedes cars during WWI when designing the R-R Eagle aero-engine is well known, although with loose ends that may never be tied up. It is also known that Louis Coatalen...

Page 167 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 167, July 2004


Anyone who feels affection for pre-war Austin 7s should attend the 42nd National Rally at Beaulieu on July 4, when the grounds are filled with every sort of A7. Organised by the 750MC, entry forms are available from Neil Carr-Jones, 112 Mailing Street, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2RJ. The following weekend, July 8-10, the Austin Centenary will be celebrated at Caton Park, southwest of Birmingham. On...

Page 104 of October 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, October 1983

Out of the past

Back in 1978, at my suggestion, Roger Collings took me on his well-known 1903 Sixty Mercedes for a long run, to personally commemorate the 75th anniversary of Jenatzy having won the Gordon Bennett race in Ireland on a similar motor-car. A short time ago one of our readers, Mr Peter Kelly of Mill Hill, London, sent my account of this memorable day's motoring, on a quite remarkable veteran, to a...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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