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Page 44 of August 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, August 1984

Rally Review

Sanyo Rally of New ZealandA crucial win The importance that New Zealand had in this year's World Rally Championship was underlined by a decision taken a week after this most southerly and one of the most far flung events in the series. With Markku Alén finishing in second place in his late-entered Lancia Rally 037, the Turin management promptly lost interest in seriously contesting the next round...

Page 39 of November 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1934

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS A Racing Suicide. S0 far as my memory serves me, cases of people committing suicide by crashing a car have so far been confined to the pages of Michael Arlen's " Green Hat "and the Earl of Cottenham's " Sicilian Circuit." But a genuine suicide of this nature actually took place during the practising for the Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia, at Masarvk. A...

Page 54 of March 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, March 1985

Monte Carlo Rally

Winning margins of the order of 13 minutes are normally associated only with endurance rallies such as the Safari, or, in Europe, only with something as rough and demanding as the Acropolis. Those based on comparatively short and smooth special stages — as the majority in Europe are — usually produce results in which the leaders are separated by mere seconds. It is all the more praiseworthy,...

Page 24 of February 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1949

About the Adler

— a rather rare Continental Car During the war some interest was aroused by descriptions of popular Continental cars, which appeared in Motor Sport. Now that a further hiatus in joy-through-motoring has occurred, and Motor Sport has again room for reminiscences, I venture to offer some information on the car which I consider to be the best of the Continentals — the Adler. The Adler deserves to...

Page 32 of December 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, December 1992

'Lightning' strikes twice

When expatriate Frenchman Jean-Claude Bertrand devised and ran the Ivory Coast's first Bandama Rally, his idea was that it should become France's answer to the Safari Rally. It certainly seemed for a few years that the ebullient Bertrand would have his wish, for the event found favour in Paris and the rally attracted some of the leading crews of the time. The notion that the Ivory Coast Rally, as...

Page 46 of July 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, July 1984

Rally Review

Acropolis Events of the present are rarely without their counterparts from the past, and quite often one can recall from years gone by an incident almost identical with one of very recent origin. One might even go further and say that things which are sometimes claimed to be unprecedented can quite often be shown not to be so. This is certainly true of rallying and we have often wondered at the...

Page 94 of November 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, November 2002

Hairpin Benz

The Mercedes 450SLC was not an obvious choice of rally car. But in an intermittently successful quest for glory with the large coupé, the Stuttgart marque set new standards of preparation and expertise in world rallying, as John Davenport explains Since Hans Tak kicked off Mercedes-Benz's rally career by winning the 1954 Tulip Rally with the light, powerful, spaceframe 300SL gull-wing, the Three-...

Page 54 of April 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, April 1982

The Swedish Rally

STIG BLOMQVIST made a brilliant switch from f.w.d Saab to 4.w.d. Audi (above left) mastering the different technique in a remarkably short time, and scored a comfortable win, although he was helped by the in-house nudge between the Quattros of Mikkola (below right) and Mouton when the latter pushed the former off the road again just as he was about to regain it after going off the road and...

Page 79 of March 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 79, March 1982

Rally review

Monte Carlo Rally Much has been said of the technical achievement of Audi in producing a four-wheel-drive car which has not only the power to win rallies but handling properties to match it, rendering it manageable at speeds which bring it close to the limit of adhesion. Other manufacturers have tried 4-w-d in the past and rejected it because it created handling difficulties which their drivers...

Page 32 of April 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, April 1985

Rally review

The Swedish Rally Cricket squares are not shaped that way by accident. The cherished centre of a ground is made deliberately larger than a game requires so that wickets may be moved along when necessary, allowing a worn surface to recover and providing a fresh one for the next match. Alas, the same cannot be done with the surfaces on which rallies are held, and if the passage of 10 cars causes...



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