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Page 58 of March 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, March 1992

Veteran to Classic

Having, if I may say so, rather a fine collection of sparking plugs, including an igniter from Concorde, I was very interested in the latest book in the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust's series of publications The Vital Spark! by Keith Gough, who joined KLG in 1950, and became Lodge's Chief Engineer in 1962, retiring in 1982. His little book is about the development of aero-engine plugs but will be of...

Page 34 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, March 1984

Book Reviews

"The Mustangs" by Richard Langworth 144 pp, 7½ x 9¼ in. (Motor Racing Publications Ltd, 28 Devonshire Road, London, W4 2HD. £8.95). Having given us a book all about the Chevrolet Corvettes, the American author has followed it with a similarly low-price but erudite and comprehensive study of that decidedly energetic sports-car, the versatile Ford Mustang. The book is aimed at American readers but...

Page 125 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 125, March 2014

Drawing on experience

Translating two dimensions into three takes skill, vision and sometimes educated guesswork Am on the trail of two Bentleys: one obliterated by war, the other present only in two dimensions. But there’s a connection that brings me to Hampshire and the coachbuilding workshops of First, the 2D absentee. There are a dozen or more cars here being dressed in aluminium, but Dugal Revie...

Page 125 of December 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 125, December 2011

In the Workshop WHAT'S YOUR HISTORY? We were four experienced coachbuilders and panelbeaters who had worked in the trade on some of the world's most important vehicles. In 2004 we decided to go out on our own. At our first show we had no customers and no workshop, but now we have many fantastic customers who return time and again with new projects. IS IT HARD TO FIND SKILLED STAFF? Our company...

Page 100 of April 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, April 2002


In the 1920s, Professor A. M. Low DSc, who wrote articles simplifying obscure scientific facts, told us that one day the human race would lose its legs, because it would never need to go out, as it would watch continual TV, and eat food in tablet form. Aldous Huxley forecast `smellies', cinemas in which appropriate scents would waft to the audience in company with the films. The latter has yet to...

Page 60 of March 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, March 1992

VSCC at Measham

VSCC at Measham Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun. But on January 1 I / I 2th it was VSCC members out all night on the annual Measham navigation event, based in Hereford. The entry of 59, in classes for vintage sports-cars, PVT cars, and Edwardian and vintage light-cars, was I I down on last year. At the start two of the Ulster A7 drivers were dealing with lighting problems and...

Page 91 of April 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, April 2005

WB Rumblings

  Should surprise be expressed that I reviewed favourably the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust's book about Army tanks, may I say that the similarity between motor racing and designing a battle tank was quite close. Preparing, for instance, an R-R Merlin or Liberty aero engine for a new challenge, that of repulsing the German Panzers, required specialised technical assistance from several car companies...

Page 91 of February 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, February 2000

From Boxkite to Jet

The value offered by the books of the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust (PO Box 31, Derby DE24 8BJ) is very commendable. Their latest, No 28 in this historical series, is Boxckite To Jet the remarkable career of Frank B Halfonl, by Douglas R Taylor (ISBN 1 872922 16 3). This is a well illustrated 221-page publication for £7.50. As Frank Halford raced Ricardo-Triumph, AstonMartins and his Halford Special...

Page 35 of December 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, December 1982


• BREAKING THE HIDDEN CODE The country in which a car was made used, in some degree, to be stamped upon it, a sort of National-imprint, just as language, accent and appearance indicate a human being's origins. With the coming of Multi-Nationals and World-cars, this aspect of the motor car has changed, with almost identical utility vehicles being churned out in vast numbers. The throwback to a...

Page 92 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, May 2006

Wolves and secrets

George Wingard has had published a superb book entitled Red Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (ISBN 1 5 9971 0587) describing and illustrating the cars in his American collection, which include 1908 and '14 GP Mercedes, 200hp Benz, S74 Fiat and similar ones. It is available free to anyone who donates $100 or more to Prostate Cancer Research in the USA. This is a quite exceptional record of these...



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