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Page 33 of January 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1981

The 1981 Season

At the time of writing it looks as though the proposed "pirate" series of Formula One races under the title The World Professional Drivers Championship is still-born. Although the anonymous World Federation Of Motor Sport, as mentioned in the December 1980 issue of Motor Sport, claimed that most of the existing Formula One teams and drivers were signed up for this "pirate" series of events, there...

Page 30 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, August 1975

Continental notes

Swiss Grand Prix The Swiss Grand Prix used to be one of the classic motor races, held on a very fast and challenging circuit in the forest of Bremgarten, on the outskirts of the Swiss capital city Berne. It all started in 1931 when a big exhibition to encourage sport was held in Berne, and the local motorcycle club organised some racing on the paths through the forest. This motorcycle racing...

Page 12 of March 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, March 1937


MY I-I-LITRE TARGA-FLORIO MERCEDES-BENZ By C. W. P. HAMPTON I purchased this Mere( 41 s-Benz from J. H. Bartlett for 00 in November 1935 and found that mechanically it was in poor condition. (Incidentally, Bartlett told me that he thought it needed an overhaul as the previous owner had dismantled it and reassembled it himself and "there's a mass of mechanism when it is in pieces and it needs an...

Page 18 of September 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, September 1943

Club news

750 Club The 750 Club held its monthly meeting for members and non-members at the "Chez August," in Compton Street, on August 7th. There was a smaller attendance than usual, only 16 persons sitting down to lunch, and for the first time no members of the fair sex were present. Private owners just predominated over the Trade, both amateur and professional. Everyone talked with gusto, and many lines...

Page 59 of October 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, October 1930

Motor Sport Classified Advertisement Section

HEAD OFFICES: 3 4 DUKE STREET, S T. •JAMES'S S.W.I Telephone: Regent 1937. Gerrard 3436. : Agreynol, Picey, London. Rates (prepaid) i/per line (minimum 3 lines). CLOSING DNIE first post on the 23rd of the month, for publication on the 1st of the following month. NEW CARS FOR SALE LAGONDA r AGONDA, Huskinson 8z Vane, Ltd. Grosvenor Li 3016. SPECIAL Lagonda Agents for West End. Trial runs at any...

Page 16 of March 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, March 1953

The "Blue Peter" Cup

The "Blue Peter" Northern Sales Cup, awarded annually by Auto Tyre Services, Ltd., for the best sales of their products, north of a line from Bristol to the Wash, has been won by Messrs. Hurden's, Ltd., of Swansea, and the presentation was made by the Mayor of Swansea, Councillor W. T. Mainwaring Hughes. The award coincided with the 40th anniversary of Messrs. Hurden's entry into the Motor Trade...

Page 56 of May 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, May 1970


EASTER 1970.—Last year we had quite a lot of motoring to do over Easter, in the comfort and security of a Rover V8. This year the Editorial Easter egg, as recounted elsewhere, was a Vauxhall Ventora II, but in England one does not venture out on the overcrowded roads unless one has to. So the Editor contented himself with checking up on some vintage cars on Good Friday, returning hastily from...

Page 48 of June 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, June 1931


TYRES latlULL'S. 'Phone, Temple Bar 1747. 'Grams, " Bulrublim, Westrand." Value ! Economy Service ! ii L. J. Bull (Director), connected with the trade since 1895. Tyres carriage paid against remittance or c.o.d. first passenger train. Fitted free in 5 minutes. You want the best tyres ! tVe have them ! India, Dunlop, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Avon, Davies, etc., etc. London distributors for the...

Page 45 of February 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, February 1931

Motor Sport Classified Advertisement Section

NEW CARS FOR SALE LAGONDA T AGONDA, Huskinson & Pane, Ltd. Grosvenor -1-4 3016. QPECIAL LagondaTAgents for West End. Trial Ks) runs at any time. Deferred Terms and your present car taken in part exchange.—Huskinson & Pane, Ltd., 11, Curzon St., W.1. M.G. i‘1 .G . —Huskinson & Fane, Ltd. Grosvenor 3016. A UTI 10 R ISED M.G. AGENTS. Trial rims 471, arranged at any time. Earliest...


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