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Page 28 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, November 1978

Motor Show Review

(NEC, October 18th) So, the Cavalcade concluded - incidentally, the Midland Motor Museum ran Wright's 1951 Frazer Nash in it as well as their Mercedes-Benz - my next task was to go to the NEC Motor Show, in satisfactorily multi-cylinder style in the glass-roofed Editorial Rover 3500 (it has recently been Skyported, of which more next month). A press ticket did not enable one to park very near the...

Page 54 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, April 1981

Rally Review

Swedish Rally When a new car is rallied for the first time its manufacturers will already have put it through the most comprehensive test and development programme possible, for although a showroom car might be fine for normal use it is unlikely that it will be able to withstand the concentrated pounding of rallying. However, no matter how stringent the test sessions, it always seems that it...

Page 82 of July 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, July 1970

Rally Review

The Acropolis Rally There are eight qualifying events in the International Rally Championship for Constructors. The sixth of them was the Acropolis Rally organised by the Automobile and Touring Club of Greece during the last week in May. Prior to the Acropolis, Porsche was comfortably at the lead of the championship, Bjorn Waldegard having won three of the previous events in a 911S. Now, they are...

Page 23 of January 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, January 2000

Aeroquip Hose

Now a generic and used in almost all racing cars, Aeroquip Hose started live in US Warplanes. Keith Howard looks at its brilliant and much copied design photography by Charles Best You know a company has created, or at the very least cornered, a market when its trade name is bandied about as a generic. It most famously happened to Hoover, of course, but for motorsport aficionados there are other...

Page 27 of October 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, October 1965

Stirling Moss previews Earls Court

"Motor Show?" "Toughest circuit of them all!" "and it was a lot tougher in the Middle Ages when its likely they jousted at Earls Court. But it's still terribly demanding on the feet today!" What sort of show would you call it Stirling? "No revolutions. People have upped the power a bit, like Rootes—5-bearing crankshafts, more horses—but that's inevitable. Not the sort of show to make you go round...

Page 43 of January 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, January 1978

Rally Review The Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

Although it's potential as the final round of the 1977 World Rally Championship for Makes was negated when the major tussle of that series, between Fiat and Ford, was settled in favour of Fiat during the Tour of Corsica two weeks before, the Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain was nevertheless the most significant rally of the series, largely because it attracted the greatest assembly of works...

Page 55 of November 1960 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, November 1960

The Saab from Sweden

A Two-Stroke Front-Wheel-Drive Small Car Possessing Considerable Individuality and Excellent Roadholding and Cornering Qualities EARLIER this year, MOTOR SPORT reported on a visit to the Saab factories in Sweden and gave some impressions of driving the various Saab models in that country. Naturally. we awaited with interest the arrival of the Saab in England and have since been able to carry out...

Page 28 of January 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, January 1987

The Long Run

I went to North America to see a Swedish manufacturer demonstrate its durability with a record-breaking 20 days at Talladega, Alabama, in a trio of production Saab 9000 saloons. We mentioned this briefly last month, but the full list of records—all but two of international rather than World status—is appended. I can confirm that the trio of cars utilised all felt of sound production quality when...

Page 25 of February 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1971

Continental Notes

Very promptly the FIA Year Book of Automobile Sport has been published (35s. from PSL, 9 Ely Place, London, E.C.1) and is bigger and better than ever, answering all those questions that everyone asks about the 1971 season and rules and regulations. Unlike the picture albums that tell you what happened last year, the FIA book tells you what can and will happen this year. Depicted are the 29...

Page 69 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, November 1978

Around and About

A sporting three-wheeler Believing that there might be a market for a sporting three-wheeler, on the lines of the immortal but no-longer-produced Morgan, we are interested to hear that such a car is being built in Norfolk, and if the vicious Type-Approval regulations can be overcome, that it may go into production. The builder is well aware that he may incur the wrath of certain people in the...



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