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Page 46 of September 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, September 1987

Rally review: Argentina Rally

Lancia fully in control So many of the World Rally Championship's formerly active teams have called a halt to their rallying in the past eighteen months, some as a result of unacceptable changes of FISA's rules and subsequent differing interpretations, some simply due to a marked lack of success, that Lancia's unopposed gallop to the top of the Championship table this year has hardly been...

Page 46 of September 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, September 1976

Rally review - Total Rally

As a general rule, the world's best-known rallies are those which form part of the World Rally Championship for Makes, there being still no equivalent series for drivers, to the shame of the CSI, and no personality at the end of the year who can be garlanded, interviewed, shaken by the hand or invited to be photographed with his arm around a beauty queen. But already we digress; whether for...

Page 46 of April 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, April 1969

Grand Prix of South Africa

Stewart the Master Kyalami, Saturday, March 1st For the last seven years the South African Grand Prix has been held just before or just after New Year's Day, thereby breaking up the Formula One hibernation period. This year, however, the date has been changed so that, although the South African Grand Prix is still the first F.1 race of the year, the teams have no time on their hands before...

Page 31 of August 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, August 1977

Rally Review - Total Rally of South Africa

It is a common belief that the world's best rallies are those which are qualifying rounds of the World Championship for Makes. This is largely true, but there are exceptions. Indeed, there are several rallies here and there around the globe which are every bit as competitive and worthwhile as those which are championship qualifiers, but are not chosen for that series because it has no more than a...

Page 27 of February 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1981

The Formula One Scene

Muddled and confused is the only way to describe the Formula One scene at the moment if you try to follow the reasoning and thinking of all parties with vested interests. If you accept the fact that the Governments of most civilised countries have invested the control of motorsport in their countries' National motor club (in our case the Royal Automobile Club), and that all the National clubs are...

Page 84 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, October 1973

Total Rally Review

Chevrolet Firenza 5-litre V8s shine but Fall wins for Datsun Of all the world's international rallies there are but few outside the World Rally Championship which can really claim to be given a great deal of attention other than in their own countries. the Arctic Rally is an obvious one (it has already been suggested by many as an ideal qualifier for the World Championship) and the British home...

Page 44 of September 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, September 1975

The Total Rally

Rally ReviewClark wins in South Africa Some Europeans seem to have fixed but not entirely accurate conceptions of African rallies; they are either flat-out blinds over open bush or winding escarpments, or long, interminable endurance runs through rock-strewn deserts. This isn't the case at all, for down in South Africa they have rallies which are very similar in style to British special stage...


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