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Page 39 of January 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, January 1981


A Section Devoted to Aeronautical Affairs Winning the 1980 "Dawn-to-Dusk" The bend of the Thames at Greenwich slid under the yellow fabric-covered wing as we turned onto track for the final leg. Past Crystal Palace, Croydon and KenIey, over the M25, and there was Redhill ahead, standing out like a bowling green in the bright evening sunlight. We joined overhead, the T indicated 26 and, with the...

Page 47 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 1981

Three GNs

An interview with Stafford East One of the articles which excited me very much when I was a small boy, reading avidly all the motoring papers I could lay my hands on, was that headed "The Fastest Cyclecar in The World!" which appeared, with nine enticing illustrations, in The Light Car & Cyclecar on June 16th, 1920. It was a description of Captain A.G. Frazer-Nash's famous GN "Kim", which the...

Page 46 of December 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, December 1987

F W Dixon — "Flying Freddie", 1892-1956

This is the little booklet produced to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the famous racing driver and motorcyclist Freddie Dixon, in conjunction with an exhibition held in Preston Hall Museum this year. It contains excellent photographs, not only of Dixon racing but of family groups inducting his wedding in 1926, alongside a short resume of his racing achievements in text and...

Page 70 of June 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, June 1980

Formula One Trend Of Design

Formula One Trend Of Design Aerofoil Adjustments DESIGNING AERODYNAMIC aids for the modern Formula One car is one thing, making the best use of them is much more difficult Information about the effectiveness of front to. or a rear aerofoil, has to come from the driver by way offeer and this information 11) turn has to be analysed by the engineer. Adjustments can be infinitesimal or very sizeable...

Page 15 of September 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, September 1945

Club News

We hear Major Souter has purchased Boddy 's "14/75" open sports Alvis, and hopes to race his 2-litre Bugatti as a sports car when sports-car racing is resumed. Chapman is running a "Red Label" 3-litre Bentley and a 1936 Riley "Sprite" saloon. A 1924 "14/40" Delage was sold last month in Sutton-under-Whitecliffe, in the shadow of Sutton Bank. Major A. L. Galloway has a 1924 Rolls-Royce "Silver...

Page 105 of August 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 105, August 2003

The sad demise of 'Bunny'

Bill Boddy During the war I reckoned the Bamford & Martin side-valve Aston Martins of the early 1920s, built in small numbers by ex-Etonian Lionel Martin in South Kensington, London, to be the car to have. So I set about trying to find one. But those looked at were either in `bitsa' condition or were exceptionally expensive. 12/50 Alvises proved good substitutes, but there was the lingering...

Page 21 of April 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1955

The Sprint Events of the 1920s

Both before and after the 1914-18 war speed trials and speed hill-climbs were a popular form of competition motoring in England. Racing over public roads has never been permitted in this country, and up to 1925 was thus confined to Brooklands Motor Course at Weybridge and the T.T. course over the sinuous roads of the Isle of Man. But, although illegal, sprint contests were held nearly every...

Page 6 of October 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, October 1928


GREAT RACING MARQUES. XV. G.N —FRAZER NASH. By E. K. H. KARSLAKE. THE fact that this article is headed by the names of two firms does not mean that in this number of our sidelights on the history of motor racing two separate stories have been combined in order to cover a greater area of time. The Frazer Nash is so mudh the descendant of the G.N. that it is really impossible to tell the story of...

Page 13 of April 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, April 1963

The cars of Sir Francis Samuelson, BT.

Described to the Editor in a recent interview. It was a great pleasure to drive down to Sir Francis Samuelson's 17th century Sussex farmhouse last month to discuss with this enthusiastic amateur racing motorist the cars he has owned. Sir Francis' father, who was essentially a horseman, having promised his schoolboy son a motorcycle, decided they were dangerous, but not wishing to go back on his...

Page 62 of May 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, May 1993

The Itala

It may be a misnomer (Ha, ha, very funny. No. I have not met her. Shall we continue?) to refer to the Itala as a forgotten make, because a surviving 1908 12-litre Grand Prix car of this make was raced in VSCC events by the late Cecil Clutton for more than 50 years, something of an unbeatable record surely? This ensured that the marque will be long remembered by everyone who has seen that great...



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