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Page 24 of November 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, November 1987

African Gloom

In a nutshell, the Ivory Coast Rally was a pretty rotten event. As an attempt at copying the Safari it has never, in all its 19-year history, even looked like making the grade, and the small improvement which it managed to achieve in recent editions was blotted out this year, when the already weak organisation wilted under the strain of trying unsuccessfully to meet FISA's impossible demands...

Page 24 of February 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, February 1991

Rally Preview - The 1991 Season

The World Series for 1991 Much has happened in world rallying circles in the past year, but no-one can argue that the most significant issue of 1990 was not the overthrow of Lancia drivers for whom the World title had been a preserve since Peugeot left the fray after 1986. Lancia did win the World Rally Championship for Makes last year, but the person, the real, flesh-and-blood driver himself who...

Page 50 of May 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 2003

Ove achiever

The spot on the F1 pit wall which Ove Andersson occupies today seems a far cry from his background as a top-line rally driver. But, as John Davenport explains, these early experiences were crucial in shaping Toyota's motorsport general It cannot have escaped your notice that several successful rally men have migrated to the world of Formula One in recent years. Ferrari has two, its president and...

Page 4 of August 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, August 1993

The month in Motor Sport

June 16: Having passed scrutineering at Le Mans, the Jaguar X122005 are declared illegal after it is observed that they are running without catalysts. After some discussion. TWR appeals and the cars are allowed to run pending the outcome. 16: Shortly after setting what was to be the Le Mans pole time, Philippe Alliot crashes his Peugeot. Although the car is initially declared to be a write-off,...

Page 20 of March 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, March 1996

Through the Looking Glass

The international rally season traditionally opens in Monte Carlo. David Williams explains how, this year, it both did and didn't . . . There is a school of thought that Patrick Bernardini is on to a good thing. In years to come, the theory goes, people will remember only that he won the 1996 Monte Carlo Rally. His name will be on the list of winners for as long as anyone cares that there is such...

Page 36 of August 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, August 1993

Rally review

Anyone who works for the RAC MSA knows better than to expect much thanks, so the occupants of Motor Sports House will have been less than surprised by the reaction to their proposals for new technical regulations for international rallying. The most favourable response was that the RAC had kept an "open mind," the more damning that its proposal "goes round in a big circle". If nothing else, it...

Page 37 of May 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1995

Rising son

Several years ago, the writer was following the Rally of New Zealand with some photographers and seeking a vantage point that would permit the taking of useable photographs without threatening life and limb. A spectator studied us for some time as we clambered up banks and through ditches before remarking, "You'll be alright there for the first few, but you'll have to look out when the Japanese...

Page 8 of January 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, January 1990


Four-play! IN ONE of the conference rooms of Heathrow's Excelsior Airport Hotel, there was a hubbub of the kind which is common at gatherings of people who share a common interest; people of many nationalities who had assembled for a sporting purpose and who were itching to see the morning, when they would set out in pairs on their five day contest against a hundred-odd other pairs, the weather,...

Page 4 of May 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, May 1993

The month in Motor Sport

March16: The British Touring Car Championship secures major sponsorship from Auto Trader magazine. 16: Peter Warr is replaced as secretary of the BRDC. John Fitzpatrick takes his place. 18: RSA's World Council exonerates Alain Prost. Initially accused of having brought the sport into disrepute via remarks he allegedly made to a French magazine, Prost is absolved of any blame. It had been feared...

Page 16 of April 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, April 1991

Rally Review -- Swedish Rally

Spawn of the North Sandstrorms are inevitable in the Sahara; the Cook Straits will never be without their winds; and snow is a meteorological certainty during a Swedish winter. Each of those statements seems as logical as calling a leopard spotted, and it is almost incomprehensible that any of the locations mentioned should be without its associated climatic condition. Nevertheless, it is quite...



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