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Page 18 of May 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, May 1946


"500 Progress" The suggested rules for 500-c.c. class contests laid down by the B.A.C. Motor Sports Clubs are by now well known and seem generally acceptable. We rather liked the idea of not permitting more than two cylinders, but whether or not real economy would have resulted from insisting on pump fuel is debatable, John Bolster, of course, believing that reliability can only be courted by...

Page 39 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1956

Earls Court impressions

The 1956 London Motor Show is notable for modified models rather than exciting new cars. British manufacturers have adopted automatic transmission more readily than Continental companies—besides the cars listed on page 683, Daimler, Ford and Morris can provide "automation" on their six-cylinder cars—picking American brains to do so (Rover provides the exception). However, automatic transmissions...

Page 11 of November 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, November 1957

Matters Of Moment

The London Motor Show On October 16th another great Motor Exhibition opened at Earls Court. The opening ceremony was performed by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Harold Macmillan, M.P. In his speech Mr. Macmillan paid warm tribute to the British Motor Industry on its splendid export record. Such a record is indeed worthy of praise; but let us not be too complacent. The fact is that this is a...

Page 22 of August 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, August 1942

Letters from readers

Sir, In the never-ending controversy that goes on in the motoring Press about the respective merits of British and foreign cars, how rarely is the " K.3" M.G. put forward in support of the home-produced car. I feel that an article about these supremely successful 1,100-c.c. cars would be much appreciated by readers of Motor Sport. How many people remember the great successes gained by the "K.3s...

Page 37 of July 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, July 1934


MOTOR CYCLES IN THE ISLE OF MAN RENEWED INTEREST IN THE TOURIST TROPHY RACES. w_ITH the depression in the motor cycle industry and the undoubted supremacy of the Norton machines in last year's races the famous Manx classics seemed almost to be doomed to failure, but this year's series happily showed a revival in every respect. There were a larger number of starters in'' each race, and firms such...

Page 68 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, June 1967

Audi advertising

Sir, In May's Audi advertisement the advertiser compares the Audi with a Triumph 2000 and a Rover 2000. He makes acceleration comparisons taken from Motor. In the table on the last page of Motor, which lists the cars tested, the figures are given as 9.2, 9.4 and 10.1 sec. respectively. This type of inaccurate "knocking" advertisement is to my mind deplorable as I am sure the Audi has very many...

Page 43 of July 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, July 1956

Book Reviews

" 'Motor Cycling' Road Tests - 4th Series." 60 pp. 10 1/2 in. by 8 1/4 in. (Temple Press Ltd., Bowling Green Lane, London, E.C.1. 5s.) This annual reprint of road-test reports from Motor Cycling is a valuable reference work, full of facts, figures, illustrations and graphs. The fourth edition, covering motor-cycles, mo-peds, three-wheelers and combinations tested during 1955, goes from Lambretta...

Page 25 of June 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1956

Maidstone & Mid-Kent M.C. Silverstone Meeting

In spite of numerous heavy clouds which lingered over Northamptonshire on Saturday, May 12th, the Maidstone & Mid-Kent Motor Club was able to hold its annual meeting at Silverstone in fine weather. At 12.30 p.m. prompt, the 10-lap race for 750 and 1,172 Formula cars got under way, most spectacular cornering being practised by Maurice Clare in the Clare 90. J.S. French's Simplicity, being...

Page 47 of July 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, July 1956

Letters from Readers

N.B. - Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them. - Ed. The Steering-Column Gear-Lever Sir, I feel that Mr. Side is a little unfair on the novice who refuses to double-declutch his Vauxhall into first gear. Extensive acquaintances with the Wyvern has convinced me that his manoeuvre can only be carried out with fantastic...

Page 15 of January 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, January 1976

Matters of moment

The trend of design As another year commences it behoves us to take a look at how engineering is developing in the motoring world. It is remarkable how many, and indeed in many instances exciting, new cars have been released in the past twelvemonth, considering the financial depression prevailing, the uncertain future, and the difficulty that manufacturers experience in getting highly-paid...



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