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Page 54 of November 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, November 1958

A History of the Armstrong Siddeley Car

[The Armstrong Siddeley, made by the famous Coventry company which has built outstanding aeroplane engines since the first World War and still, of course, in production, is a somewhat neglected make, so far as the older models are concerned. No club exists to cater for these cars. Very few are to be found amongst members of the Vintage Sports-Car Club. Sometimes the early versions are dismissed...

Page 75 of January 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 75, January 1986

Cars I Have Owned And Raced

This article, by R. King-Clark, was the opening chapter in his as yet unpublished book about his extensive flying in his aero-planes, a Miles Gypsy Ill Hawk G-ACT D and a Miles IIA Whitney Straight G-AERS, and his military career but it is so interesting I decided MOTOR SPORT should publish it. Lt Col King-Clark's young brother "Cuffy" was also an enthusiast, running an Ulster A7, a 1928 20/25 hp...

Page 21 of June 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, June 1931


THE "DOUBLE-TWELVE." M.G. MIDGETS GAIN FIRST FIVE POSITIONS AND WIN BOTH TEAM AND CLASS AWARDS IN UNINTERESTING :: RACE. :: THOSE spectators who had read the notes on the Double Twelve in the last issue of MOTOR SvoRT came fully prepared to watch an event of technical interest rather than a thrilling race, and so were able to get the most out of watching the performances of their favourite makes...

Page 21 of May 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, May 1938


THE TOURIST TROPHY RACE, 1938 The regulations for the Tourist Trophy Race to be held at Donington Park on Saturday, 3rd September, next have now been issued by the Royal Automobile Club. They have been drastically altered from previous years in a number of respects. Cars eligible must still represent the sports or touring type of chassis and must be equipped with a self-starter and electric...

Page 23 of March 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, March 1937


VUTEIPAN TYIDIES There are still quite a few enthusiasts who seek to run real he-stuff motor-cars, or who have an appreciation of cars with notable histories, and in the past Veteran Types have been given a considerable amount of space in MOTOR SPORT. Some interesting developments have of late taken place in this sphere of activity. Thus John Morris, of the S.U. Carburetter Co., Ltd., hopes to...

Page 166 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 166, July 2004

Bill Boddy

The Brighton Run pioneers With the regulations for this year's London-Brighton Veteran Run now available, it seems appropriate to recall how this now world-famous event started. In 1927, the DailySketch/ Sunday Graphic newspapers decided that the 1896 Emancipation Run which had freed autocars from speed restrictions might be remembered by having a run over much the same route, for the older cars...

Page 7 of November 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, November 1939


THE HOME F.14.01V T Activity continues on the home front in spite of fuel rationing, black-out depression and dangers,---and the 20/incr ease per h.p. in next year's tax. Although our bigger manufacturers are largely engaged on armament work, -car production has not entirely ceased. Sunbeam Talbot report some sales, and introduced a new 2-litre just before the War. Hillman sales also continue and...

Page 10 of October 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, October 1935


Time-keeping Extraordinary Sir Malcolm's record breaking attempt on " Bluebird" took place during T.T. week, and we all followed with considerable bewilderment the various figures which came through from America, first the disappointing 299 and then the much hoped-for 300 m.p.h. As more evidence came to be available, it became painfully obvious that the American time-keepers employed on the job...

Page 12 of November 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, November 1940

On selling sports-cars

THE war is on, and the production of new motor-cars has ceased entirely, so this is just the time to devote a little thought to the none too simple subject of selling sports-cars. Lots of important people who were in the Motor Industry—the third largest pre-war industry in this country— before the war, will return to it when peace breaks out. So, however busy they are just now and no matter how...

Page 38 of April 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1983

The Eight-Cylinder Railtons

(The year sees the 50th Anniversary of that interesting Anglo-American car with the illustrious name of a gear engineer, so what better than an article about it, by Geoff Moore of the Railton Owners' Club, which hopes to celebrate the half-century of Railton's Hudson Terraplane-based sports car this summer. I well remember the first Railton, a black tourer, which I tried at the same time as that...



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