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Page 32 of February 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, February 1952

BARC midnight matinees

On January 11th and 18th BARC members filled the comfortable Curzon Cinema for their private midnight show of motoring films-a delightful innovation devised by John Morgan for his members' pleasure, and now in its third year. The show opened with some particularly good filming of Shelsley Walsh by the Shell film unit. This was followed by a Television Newsreel of Farina's mastery of Goodwood and...

Page 43 of November 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, November 1953

Some French Sports-Car Racing

Agen, September 27th. Quite often at French meetings short races are held before the main event, for national drivers in production cars or modified production cars, and form the first step to better things, just as the club meetings at Silverstone do, the only difference being that the French novice can start his racing on a proper road circuit instead of the wide open spaces of an aerodrome....

Page 19 of May 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, May 1953

Competition Representatives

(Continued from the April issue) Freddie Bothamley of Automotive Products F. Bothamley, the Competition Manager of Automotive Products  Co., Ltd. (Lockheed brakes, Borg and Beck clutches. etc.) has been interested in racing from his earliest days, and as a schoolboy was a frequent spectator at car and motor-cycle meetings. Made his first real contact with the Sport during his student days with...

Page 40 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, April 1981

Book Reviews

"Turn Left — The Riffs Have Risen" by A. Cameron Gilg, 191 pp. 9" x 5 1/2" (The Royal Automobile Club, 83-85 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y SHW. £4.50.) Some time ago there was a twice-shown TV documentary about how a Morris Minor tourer was driven from England to Cape Town in 1933 and how the two men who made the expedition, Alan Gilg and air-line pilot Walter Kay, were united 40 years afterwards....

Page 8 of September 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, September 1934


BRITISH SUCCESSES IN THE ALPINE TRIAL TALBOTS AND TRIUMPHS WIN ALPINE CUPS FOR TEAM PERFORMANCES. GLACIER CUPS WON BY TRIUMPH, SINGER, FRAZER NASH, ASTON MARTIN, STANDARD AVON, M.G., AND RAILTON TERRAPLANE. ALTHOUGH the expense of transport to the Alps is much greater from England than from other European countries, British team entries in the Alpine Trial numbered 6, against the combined 13 of...

Page 55 of July 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, July 2000

Castrol R

It is curious that we understand much better than its inventors the way Castrol R works, yet take it for granted. Keith Howard redresses that balance In the case of Sir Charles Cheers Wakefield, later Baron Wakefield of Hythe, the sweet smell of success was more than a metaphor. You still catch the scent of the substance that made his company a household name in the early 1900s wherever older...

Page 3 of August 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, August 1949

Matters of the Moment

With this issue Motor Sport celebrates its Silver Jubilee. To be factual, the very first number appeared on the bookstalls during July, 1924, bearing the title of The Brooklands Gazette, but to be quite certain that we have attained a genuine quarter of a century of publication, we have postponed the celebration of our Silver Jubilee until this issue. Practically every sport and pastime is served...

Page 12 of August 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, August 1932


Pumblings Aft Tian !VERGES Those "Dark Horses." WHENEVER a few motoring enthusiasts foregather nowadays there is bound to be a discussion on the spacial announcement in the B.A.R.C. entry forms for the August Bank Holiday Meeting. Roughly, this announcement warns intending competitors that . should any car develop an abnormal increase in speed in any one race, a satisfactory explanation must be...

Page 13 of August 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1956

Matters of moment

The Octane Race The Octane Race which the leading Petroleum Companies are about to enter is of interest to those who run high-performance cars with high-compression engines. Shell-Mex and BP Ltd were first off the mark with 100-octane pump petrol. Shell Super and BP Super Plus being sold from luly 14th, at from 4s 11d to 5s a gallon according to zone (and don't forget 2s 6d of this goes to the...

Page 7 of March 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, March 1948

Competitions Manager

Guy Edwards has been appointed to succeed Mr. A.E. Perkins, for many years the Competitions Manager for Mobiloil, with whom he was closely associated last year and in pre-war days, mainly in connection with motor sporting events at Brooklands. In 1989 he was mobilised as a Territorial and during the war saw active service with the army in North Africa and Italy, attaining the rank of Captain in...


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