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Page 17 of January 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, January 1948


The B.R.M. Every enthusiast will wish Raymond Mays the best of luck with his new British Grand Prix team. On December 3rd a luncheon was held at Claridge's to announce the establishment of the British Motor Racing Research Trust, set up by an important group of firms in the Motor industry to assist Mays, who has formed Automobile Developments, Ltd., to foster a cause which, in his own words,...

Page 14 of March 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, March 1969

We Must Progress

There are people who say they do not want progress, but they are only fooling themselves, for without progress no-one would have invented the wheel, Otto would not have designed his 4-stroke engine cycle, John Boyd Dunlop would not have invented the pneumatic tyre and we would not be enjoying motoring today. What these people mean when they say they don't want progress is that, they want progress...

Page 18 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1956

Some accessories at Earls Court

Automotive Products Ltd. Improved suspension joints and automatic transmissions are on view and oil and fuel filters. Stand 369. Avon India Rubber Co Ltd. The Avon Winter Safety tyre is on view together with the HM Airseal, which has no tube. Stand 205. Bosch Ltd. New exhibits are the P 11S sparking pings designed for motor-scooter engines and the M 11S range which has been introduced for the...

Page 40 of December 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1972

Around and about

Comment on the Racing and Club Scene Astonishing Russian If I had suggested a year ago that a Russian car was going to win two British racing championships I would have been considered, at the very least, something of an optimist. When the Group 1 regulations were announced few would have foreseen that there was any hope of the Moskvich 412 being remotely competitive. Apart, that is, from Satra...

Page 100 of September 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 100, September 1982

Thin Wall Special 1952

Chassis Type F1 Engine No, 375/010 While the Ferrari factory supplied the major components the car was assembled, modified and completed by the Vandervell racing team and many original components were replaced by improved ones manufactured by VP Ltd. It was a V12 Ferrari in concept but virtually a Vandervell by construction, and by the end of its short but active career it did not owe much to...

Page 31 of December 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, December 1978

Formula Two Temporada

March again... For the first time since 1972, the European Formula Two teams returned to South America for a Temporada series in early November. Only two races were staged in Argentina after long-drawn-out negotiations, but the success of the venture, and a crowd of 50,000 spread over the races at Mendoza and Buenos Aires, has encouraged the organisers to plan a more ambitious Championship next...

Page 40 of October 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, October 1971

"Babs'" gearbox

From time to time we publish progress reports on "Babs", the disinterred Liberty-engined Thomas Special which Owen Wyn-Owen is restoring, from which it is apparent that very good progress is being made. When we first saw the dug-up car the 1907 Benz gearbox looked impossible to retrieve, its alloy casing almost entirely corroded away by sea water. Consequently, it is interesting to discover, from...


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