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Page 78 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, December 2014

"Going up the mountain was fantastic, but going back down was not so good..."

His track record spoke volumes for his potential and there were many who placed great faith in Stefano Modena, a young Italian who preferred to eschew the spotlight. When he reached Formula 1, however, his career momentum simply petered out… Writer: Rob Widdows Aspiring to sing at La Scala is one dream, but others would prefer to score for Juventus. Some think only of designing the perfect suit....

Page 54 of September 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, September 2014

Mat Oxley

‘Steady’ Eddie Riders from the United States of America won all but three of the 16 500cc world championships between 1978 and 1993. The best known of those champions are Kenny Roberts, who blazed the American trail in Europe during the 1970s, the otherworldly talented Freddie Spencer, who succeeded King Kenny in the 1980s, and Kevin Schwantz, the wild-riding, crowd-pleasing Texan winner of the...

Page 54 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 2014

Mat Oxley

300 GPs and counting Last month at Mugello Valentino Rossi contested his 300th Grand Prix. He didn’t win the race but wasn’t far off, finishing third just 2.6sec behind winner Marc Márquez. The triple-century milestone is quite something in a sport that isn’t always kind to its devotees – and it’s a convenient moment to consider his career. Rossi was a long-haired 16-year-old when he arrived in...

Page 38 of January 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, January 1994


Penske Racing's car-building offshoot in Poole may be run on deadly efficient lines, but the man in charge is also one of the great motor sport enthusiasts It has been said of Nick Goozée that you can see all four seasons in a day on his face, but the fact that he's the one saying it tells you a lot about the man. "I guess I am lucky, because I probably struck right at the period of time. If you...

Page 50 of May 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, May 2014

Mat Oxley

A world champion of character Britain’s miserable lack of success in MotoGP has been well documented in these pages, our success in the second-division World Superbike series less so. We seem to be just as incapable of losing in World Superbike as we are of winning in MotoGP. Over the past 26 years 13 Britons have won 138 World Superbike races – more than any other nation – and four of them have...

Page 126 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 126, April 2014

Tinker, tailor, soldier, fly

It’s 6.30am and I’ve just woken up face down on the hot Tarmac in the pitlane of the Potrero de los Funes circuit in San Luis, Argentina. I can hear trucks moving and so scramble from my one-man tent into the blazing sunshine. Squinting towards the pitwall I see the form of Race2Recovery team founder Tony Harris. “I thought you’d f***** off already!” he grins.Welcome to the Dakar Rally bivouac...

Page 56 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 2014

Mat Oxley

Angles of attack The new MotoGP season kicks off under Qatar’s entirely fatuous floodlights on March 23 and some people are already inscribing Marc Márquez’s name on the 2014 World Championship trophy. It’s easy to see why: if the youngster could beat everyone as a rookie, what will he do with a full season’s premier-class experience behind him? There is probably only one man capable of stopping...

Page 52 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, April 2014

Web Spin

Gordon Murray on F1 changes and what he’d do if he was in charge. “I don’t really like the direction F1 is taking at the moment; I think it’s quite false in some areas. I can understand completely the desire to create overtaking, but there were much more simple ways that had a technical background and not an artificial one. I do see the reasoning, though. “In terms of the current direction and...

Page 28 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 2014

Mat Oxley

How will Cal fare on the Duke? In Germany last July, Cal Crutchlow came within 1.5 seconds of scoring Britain’s first premier-class motorcycle Grand Prix victory in more than 30 years. That result – on a rider-friendly Yamaha – proved that the Midlander has the speed to win MotoGP races, but will he have the bike? Crutchlow recently signed a two-year contract with Ducati, the manufacturer that...

Page 101 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, February 2010

Around the houses

– Coys – Coys celebrated its 90th anniversary at its end of year sale at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster on December 1. On the Monday evening before the sale the anniversary celebrations got under way with live entertainment from ’60s rock band Manfred Mann, who played a selection of guitars featured in the auction. So whether you were after a pair of Purdey shotguns, a Fender SK...



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