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Page 56 of June 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, June 2010

Lord of the black arts

He weaves magic from carbon fibre, whether revolutionising Ferrari in the ’80s or creating fabulous furniture today. Yet John Barnard refused to join the establishment – until it suited himBy Anthony Rowlinson This is a tale of a beautiful idea, a beautiful mind and some beautiful Formula 1 cars. It’s also a tale of soaring ambition thwarted by the lowest politics; clarity obfuscated; passion...

Page 42 of August 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, August 2005

"Even if I had fear I still kept my foot down. That's what racing is all about"

  At his peak in the 1980s Keke Rosberg was the swashbucking buccaneer of grand prix racing. Nigel Roebuck looks back with the legendary Finn Moments from the life of Keke Rosberg. The 1982 World Champion has always been a fine story-teller — and well able to tell a tale against himself. Rosberg's sense of humour, dry and cynical, is never far from the surface, but there is also a deeply...

Page 20 of August 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, August 2005

Nigel Roebuck Legends

  The storm before the calm: Frank Williams was angry with Alan Jones when he signed Rosberg in late 1981 A 'retro' interview this month. Recently I came across a tape, recorded in November 1981 with Frank Williams, and on a whim slotted it into the machine and began to listen. In so many ways I was reminded that certain fundamentals never change. FW was riding high at that time. Very well, Alan...

Page 9 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, May 1987

Formula One: Brazilian GP

A joy to behold One of Grand Prix racing's most endearing characteristics is its unpredictability. Just when one driver or team seems to have established a set pattern of dominance, somebody close comes along and upturns our careful calculations. Yet at Rio on April 12, twice World Champion Alain Prost proved to the world that, whatever anybody else might be doing, his presence as the driver of...

Page 37 of May 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1986

Brazilian GP

Rio in retrospect When a brand new Grand Prix car wins on its maiden outing, it is an event which always raises one's eyebrows: not simply over the quality of the individual victory, but what that victory might portend in the near future. When the Mercedes-Benz W196 won on its first appearance at Reims in 1954 it served as a preview for two seasons near-dominance by the three-pointed star; when...

Page 120 of February 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 120, February 2010

Smooth styles can get the elbow

New World Champion Jenson Button has always been praised for being a notably smooth driver, not only when he was bog-slow – as the average extremely smooth driver often is – but also when he was running right on the pace. His drive in the title-clinching Brazilian GP saw him venturing most untypically into banzai territory, but it’s worth mentioning that it was the sharp contrast with his...

Page 26 of May 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, May 1994


Even before Brazil, Renault Sport admitted that it was impressed by the Ford ZetecaR. With development of its own RS VIO now levelling off, the French are getting ready for a new wave of F1 engine technology . . . Everywhere you look, there are souvenirs of Main Prost. In amongst the myriad posters and photographs of the four-times world champion you might see the occasional glimpse of Nigel...

Page 7 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, May 1987

F1 Superlicence row

The sport's governing body, FISA, and the top Grand Prix drivers crossed swords during the fortnight's run-up to the Brazilian Grand Prix, over the introduction of success-related fees for Fomula One superlicences. Without bothering to inform, let alone consult, the drivers, FISA's Executive Committee took this decision last December. The fact that they waited until two weeks before the Brazilian...

Page 40 of November 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, November 2009

BMW in Formula 1

Piques & troughs BMW is quitting F1, its title ambitions in tatters. The same thing could have happened in the 1980s, but for an inspired Nelson Piquet and the stunning Brabham BT52 By Mike Doodson If you ask me, the blokes on the board at BMW lost their nerve. “We communicated our 2009 target four years ago,” said Mario Theissen in Valencia at the roll-out of this year’s car, barely seven...

Page 54 of July 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, July 2011

Choice cuts

Senna quotes from the film — and the cutting room floor — reveal much Ayrton Senna could be articulate and mesmerising when interviewed in English, but he was far more open with the Brazilian media. The Senna film-makers sourced many hours of interviews from Globo TV, although only a fraction made the final cut. Here is a sample of his thoughts. "I think God gave me this gift And now he is...



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