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Page 9 of February 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, February 1989

Formula One scene

Exiting times ahead When the new Formula One due to start in 1989 was announced it sounded deadly dull and I thought about taking up model-car collecting. That was two years ago and I am happy to say that since then things have changed for the better. At the time when we were told that turbocharged 11/2-litre engines would be outlawed at the end of 1988 we were at a fantastically high peak of...

Page 21 of April 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, April 1986

Derek Warwick - Life after Formula One...

"What I'm trying to do at the moment is to come to terms with the fact that there is life after Formula 1. I'm managing to get myself really fired up with a lot of enthusiasm for this new Jaguar WSC project, but every so often the realisation that I'm probably not going to be in a Grand Prix car this year hits me hard. That I won't be at Rio on March 23rd. At the end of the day this is hard to...

Page 25 of February 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 2002

Watertight defence

Nelson Piquet took things easy, they say, reversed into his title wins. His supporters point to Rio '82, when he drove his socks off in searing heat, on a mercilessly bumpy circuit, in a stiffly-sprung ground-effect car. And won, in front of his adoring fans. He would have waved in acknowledgement from the podium had he not collapsed from exhaustion. And then the faceless men in grey suits took...

Page 73 of September 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, September 1997

Grand Prix timebombs

They were the world's most powerful racing cars, explosively fast and notoriously difficult to drive. Adam Cooper recalls the short, glorious life of the turbo F1 cars When Alain Prost pulled into the parc ferme after the 1988 Australian Grand Prix, he signalled a little bit of history. This was the last Formula One event to feature turbocharged engines, and, having 35 wins with Renault, Porsche...

Page 42 of December 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, December 1983

The Formula One Scene

The last two years have seen some semblance of respectability return to Formula One racing, so that one could justifiably call it Grand Prix racing once more. The petty bickering that went on amongst the small-time entrepreneurs who posed as businessmen has largely disappeared for the simple fact that some of the "performers" have gone and their places have been taken by industrial concerns of...

Page 22 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, July 1988

A Welcome Return

Montreal, June 12 The Canadian Grand Prix was cancelled last year, mainly due to a dispute between the two big Canadian breweries, Labatt and Molson, as to who should sponsor the event. The decision finally went to Molson's Breweries, but only after the closing date for FIA/FISA acceptance, and in addition to this big-business wrangle there was also the question of the pits and paddock...

Page 12 of June 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, June 1989

Formula One: San Marino GP

A miracle Miracles do happen in motor racing. We saw one at Imola during the San Marino Grand Prix. It may not have been quite the sort of miracle the tifosi had in mind for Ferrari once they'd seen the times the McLaren-Hondas turned in during testing and again in qualifying, but it was a solid, 99-carat, bona fide miracle all the same. Not so many years ago, we'd now have been talking of...

Page 21 of December 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, December 1989

The Unpopular Brazilian

Sir, Ayrton Senna proved conclusively in Japan that he can never be considered a 'Great' of Formula One alongside such names as Jack Brabharn, Jim Clark, Ronnie Peterson and Gilles Villeneuve etc. He may well be devastatingly fast, but he achieves this by driving like a dangerous lunatic with no regard for his own or fellow drivers' safety, and with nil sense of sportsmanship in contrast to his...

Page 7 of July 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, July 1988

Competition Answers

Competition Answers 'The answers to our recent three-part competition in conjunction with Tomy UK Ltd, in which Mr Alan Smith of Cardiff won a VIP trip to the British Grand Prix and an Aurora slot-racing set, were as follows: 1. March, Tyrrell and Williams 2. Lotus' Formula One turbine car 3. Giancarlo Baghetti 4. Detroit and Monaco 5. Alain Prost with 28 wins (now 31!) 6. Ferguson P99 at...

Page 32 of November 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 2002

Power politics

6th - 126C3 Ferrari's early turbo cars were all about their engines. But Harvey Postlethwaite then designed a chassis able to rein in 1000bhp. Patrick Tambay talks to Adam Cooper Although it contested only seven Grands Prix in the second half of 1983, and scored just two wins, the 126C3 can claim to be one of the fastest Ferraris ever. Between them Patrick Tambay and René Arnoux took nine of the...



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