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Page 9 of September 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, September 1962

Matters of moment

B.M.C. takes the lead A dozen or so years ago the editor of Motor Sport leapt out of a British small car and rushed into the house shouting to his wife "At last Britain has a car that holds the road as well as any Continental model." He had just driven fast from Cowley to Fleet in the then-new Morris Minor. With standards based on Lancia, Fiat, D.K.W., and other road clinging European small cars...

Page 12 of November 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, November 1962

Where are we?

The Editor's Annual Discourse on Topical Aspects of the Motoring Scene Do many motorists, in these days of powerful 4-cylinder cars, ever regret their earlier mounts ? Personally, I still remember, with affection, a light, single-cylinder car, which served me well: a small Renault, fitted with a 9-h.p. de Dion engine. Reliability and small upkeep-cost were its features. With a little care, outer...

Page 53 of July 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, July 1967

Book reviews

"The 1100 Companion," by Kenneth Ullyett. 184 pp., 8 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in. (Stanley Paul & Co., 178-202, Great Portland Street, London, W.1. 25s.) It could be said of this book about the B.M.C. 1100 range of cars that all or nearly all of it has been published previously. But that is unfair, because such comment applies to many works of reference and history and the value of such works is that...

Page 9 of January 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, January 2003

Fry's quirky delight

Sir, I was interested in Alan Freke's mention of the Formula 2 Fry-Climax in November, as I well remember this car being driven by Mike Parkes. I seem to recall that it was mid-blue and had rubber suspension, as well as being a monocoque, but had not realised that Alec Issigonis was involved, which places the car, chronologically and technically, between Lightweight Special and the Mini. The...

Page 30 of September 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, September 1962

B.M.C. introduce the Morris 1100

A front-drive 1,098-c.c. saloon with self-levelling rubber, all-round independent suspension and Lockheed disc front brakes, available in 4-door saloon form for less than £700 purchase tax paid. Avid followers of the ADO15 B.M.C. mini-theme have waited a long time to see what that ingenious designer Alec Issigonis, with the connivance of suspension expect Alex Moulton, would engineer next. On...

Page 30 of February 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, February 2004

Small wonder

Forty years ago, the mini's victory on the Monte Carlo laid the foundations of its iconic status and changed rallying forever. John Davenport relives an epic event with the team's key figures It was the last weekend of January, 1964. Bruce Forsyth and Tommy Cooper flanked Joan Regan on the revolving stage that marked the finale of Britain's most popular televised show, Sunday Night at the London...

Page 42 of November 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, November 1964

Cars in books

From "Summoned By Bells," by John Betjemann (John Murray, 1960) we discover that Betjemann remembers a Delaunay-Belleville crawling up West Hill, Highgate in its noisy bottom gear, prior to World War One, that a school fellow of his at Marlborough read The Autocar, so that Fords, Lancias, a 6-ton Sentinel and a Frazer Nash (which Betjemann hyphenates, risking the wrath of Thirlbv!) were noted...

Page 30 of December 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 1962

First road-test of the much discussed M.G.1100 A

A very comfortable, essentially safe car that accelerates well Shortly after they had got the whole motoring world discussing the revolutionary Morris, 1100, the inimitable Mini's big brother, B.M.C. announced the M.G. 1100 which is much the same motor car, but with different facia layout and a twin-S.U. version of the new 1,098 c.c. engine which has had its power output increased on the lines of...

Page 41 of October 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, October 1931


LEWES SPEED TRIALS. ENTHUSIASTS gathered in force at the venue of the Lewes Speed Trials which took place last month, and the last event produced some good speeds, and also saw a new record established for the course by R. J. 0. Nash, on his FrazerNash, the " Terror." This remarkable vehicle brought the time down from 20 secs. to 181 secs. The results were as follows : Time in secs. SUPiiR SPORTS...

Page 56 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, January 1971

Road impressions: British Leyland's Triumph 1500

A refined, safe-handling, expensive FWD saloon I call the Triumph 1500 rather odd, because it manages to be a nice family conveyance in spite of a quite old-fashioned specification. Eventually, one assumes, more British Leyland technicians will discover the overhead camshaft, as some of them have done for Stag and Maxi. Meanwhile, the Triumph 1500 makes use of push-rods, in an engine which has a...



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