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Page 9 of December 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, December 1936


Forty Years On This year eighty-seven veterans started On the Brighton run and in the fifty miles only four fell by the wayside. To the general public these historic vehicles are merely a source of amusement and to certain motoring enthusiasts they are just a means of courting unusual adventure. But the majority of members of the Veteran Car Club take their cars very seriously, and now that they...

Page 20 of September 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, September 1944


LETTERS from READERS Sir, In your August number, Mr. Clutton accuses me of having criticised a particular make of foreign car in "a recent public utterance." I am sorry to have annoyed Mr. Clutton, but I cannot trace ever having mentioned this machine in any article or talk I have given. After prolonged cogitation, it occurs to me that Mr. Clutton must be referring to my description of a friend's...

Page 52 of July 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, July 1930


Gloster IV. Again. IT is interesting news that the manufacturers of the Gloster IVa have recently disposed of their machine to a private owner. The purchaser is Mr. Amherst Villiers, who is well known, of course, in connection with supercharger and racing car design. It is his intention to carry out certain modifications to the Gloster IVa (which is now at Croydon), in collaboration with Mr....

Page 67 of September 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, September 1996

Cars In Court

A suggestion which I have made more than once in MOTOR SPORT, that someone should write a book about Court cases in which cars or motoring matters were involved, seems about to reach fruition from a well-known author of motor-racing books, although with the emphasis on crime rather than legal battles over technicalities. That apart, a case which would be entirely suitable for such a book has just...

Page 64 of April 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, April 1982

The 16-valve Bugatti

ETTORE ARCO ISIDORO BUGATTI, myths or no myths, had a highly creditable career. Among his many claims to fame is the making of engines with two, three and four valves per cylinder. The latter became well established with the famous cars all popularly referred to after 1921 as the Brescia model. But whatever may have been the case in Bugatti's native France, I maintain that for a long time after...

Page 10 of July 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, July 1939


A SUPERCHARGED ROLLS-ROYCE DETAILS OF D. FITZPATRICK'S BLOWN 1926 "PHANTOM I" MENTION amongst enthusiasts of supercharging a Rolls-Royce always arouses interest and discussion, because the Rolls-Royce Company has never listed a blown car, although it is no secret that such engines have been assembhd for experimental purposes in the Derby factory before new models have been finally decided upon—...

Page 59 of May 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, May 1981

Vintage Postbag

"The McKenna Duties" Sir, Further to your article on "The McKenna Duties", I can confirm that vintage American cars' "mudguards, radiators and lamps" were usually black a la Henry Ford, because as a boy I was allowed to accompany the van driver of a business operated by an uncle of mine to General Motors at the Hyde, Hendon to collect and deliver these items in order that they could be stove-...

Page 52 of July 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, July 1999

Monoposto! - the tale of the Birkin Blower

The Blower Bentley may be regarded as a racing failure but one very special single-seater did achieve success, lapping Brooklands faster than anything else had before. By Bill Boddy. It would be invidious to debate which Brooklands outer circuit racing car was regarded as the most exciting to watch. It must lie mostly between the big and surprisingly fast Benz, Fiat and Napiers of the pre-1915...

Page 33 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1980

Raymond Mays CBE

An Appreciation by The Editor With the death last month of Raymond Mays, in his 81st year, the world of British motor-racing has lost one of its most staunch supporters, and someone entirely dedicated to the Sport — Ray might well have been called "Mr. Motor-Racing", because he loved fast motoring in all its aspects and did enormously well at it and for it. Born before the turn of the new century...

Page 17 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, May 1942

Club news

We hear…. Breen is gradually rebuilding his 3-litre "Red Label" Bentley into a very presentable property indeed. It has a decked 2-seater boat-tail body, in yellow, with touring-type wings, lout it is shortly to be sprayed black; the wheels were off for restoving when we saw it. The carburetters will be replaced by two late-type Zeniths on a 4 1/2-litre manifold to obviate built-in throttles. The...



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