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Corvette C7 Stingray road test

A wonderful V8 soundtrack, plus complementary chassis balance | by Andrew Frankel It’s been more than 60 years since Chevrolet first named a car after a fast, small military boat, a period during which the Corvette brand has come to mean even more than its parent marque. This year marks the introduction of the seventh generation Corvette, and with it another name exhumed from the past. Welcome,...

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Road car news

Lost tango in Paris French showcase lacks a little of its usual fizz | by Andrew Frankel I’d like to tell you that this year’s biennial visit to the Paris Motor Show produced the usual wall-to-wall orgy of new models as manufacturers jostled to get their latest ideas in front of the media, but I can’t. It was a somewhat subdued affair, populated more by concepts and fresh iterations of existing...

Page 58 of November 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2014

Aston Martin Vanquish

Fast and fruity, but not without flaws | by Andrew Frankel You might not have heard of Andy Palmer and, were it not my business to know of such people, I might not either. After all, who but an industry analyst is going to care much about the name of Nissan’s sales and marketing chief? But you’re going to be hearing a great deal more of him because, shortly, he is to become the new man in charge...

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Road car news

Merc targets the 911 AMG GT set for UK sales from April | by Andrew Frankel There will be a few sleepless nights across town in Stuttgart, for Mercedes-Benz has released the first details of the new Mercedes-AMG GT, a car aimed specifically at the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo. The Mercedes-AMG GT (note the ‘Benz’ has been dropped to make it sound more like the F1 team) is a classically proportioned...

Page 58 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, October 2014

McLaren 650S

British supercar hits new peaks of accomplishment | By Andrew Frankel What level of performance would you ascribe to a car that does 0-60mph in 5.7sec? Twenty-five years ago, such pace was the province of the pure supercar, but today it is the mark of the merely quick. But what about a car that reached not 60mph in that time, but 100mph? What kind of machine would that be? You’re looking right at...

Page 56 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 2014

Ferrari 458 Speciale

An astounding leap, but does it beat the 458 Italia? | By Andrew Frankel There is a document that accompanies any loan of a new Ferrari to a journalist – and you must sign it before the car is delivered. I won’t trouble you with the details but in this case it committed me to not testing this new 458 Speciale against any other car. You could always not sign the document, but that would preserve...

Page 54 of October 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, October 2014

Road car news

Lagonda name to return Extreme luxury saloon – for Middle East only | By Andrew Frankel It has been a busy month for Aston Martin, which has finally decided what it is going to do with its long dormant Lagonda nameplate. It last surfaced on a vast 2009 SUV concept car, it being fair to say that the gasps it attracted at the time were not all in admiration. Thereafter its recently departed CEO Dr...

Page 128 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 128, June 2014

The court of King Archie

The most famous Lister still in existence is going under the hammer. Motor Sport was offered the privilege of time at its helm Writer Andrew Frankel | Photographer James Lipman It wasn’t the thought that was strange, so much as the timing of its arrival. If you are busy juggling power and steering as someone else’s very valuable racing car slithers around beneath you on a damp track, your brain...

Page 112 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 112, June 2014

Follow the bear

The Hesketh 308 gave James Hunt his maiden Formula 1 victory – and in the least likely of circumstances, at the 1974 International Trophy. The car was recently restored, prior to sale; Motor Sport was thrilled to sample the distinctive design Writer Andrew Frankel | Photographer James Lipman Today, in almost any car and weather conditions, Silverstone’s Woodcote is not a corner but simply an...

Page 70 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, June 2014


Called to account Mark Hughes’ April column sums up brilliantly what us long-term addicts could not have done so pointedly. That having been said, we the spectators/paying public, have long been sacrificed to the Gods of the almighty dollar, as he states so well, but good luck getting any of them to react. May I suggest a running challenge and a new monthly feature for the FIA (Todt), Ecclestone...



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