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Page 15 of October 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, October 1942

Anthony Heal's studio of ex-racing cars

About the only undertaking now able to keep the enthusiast's soul afire is a series of visits to inspect famous cars in enforced retirement. And perhaps the most satisfying of all such visits was one we paid recently to Anthony S. Heal at his home at Denham. Heal's collection of early ex-racing cars is well known and, indeed, most of these cars have been written up fairly recently, both in Motor...

Page 35 of September 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, September 1950


SUNBEAM SUCCESSES IN EDWARDIAN RACING FO1 i two reasons the year 1912 stands out as a milestone in ate history of motor racing. In the first place it I arked the defeat of the trailitional dtain-drivern " giant ravers " by George I toilloCs !molt lighter and smaller Peugeot, which started a filth' of development in rating car design that continued for ten years. Secondly, the sante season...

Page 5 of November 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, November 1943

Veteran types XXVI

A 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam by Anthony S. Heal the present owner After their historic victory in the 1923 Grand Prix at Tours the Sunbeam Company were not content to rest on their laurels but made a determined effort to produce another world-beating design for the following year's race. The piece de resistance of the event at Tours had undoubtedly been the employment of forced induction on the 8-...

Page 19 of December 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, December 1949

Sunbeams Between the Wars

by John R. Coombes and John Wyer  The heading above refers, not as might be thought to the happy times we enjoyed between World War 1 and World War II, but to the cars manufactured during that period by the Sunbeam Motor Car Company Ltd., of Wolverhampton. It is particularly opportune that we are able to publish this article in this issue, because this is the Jubilee year of Sunbeam, whose first...

Page 72 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, January 1984

"Mohawk" & "Manitou"

Two 12-Cylinder Sunbeam Record-Breakers [The Sunbeam Motor Car Company Ltd of Wolverhampton pioneered the 12-cylinder engine, and it was after study of the racing Sunbeam "Toodles V", described below, by Packard of America that the first successful production V12 car appeared, in the form of the Packard "Twin-Six". Although Louis Coatalen's creation had side valves it was a very fast car, which...

Page 46 of April 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, April 1976

The Inside Story of the Sunbeam "Silver Bullet"

Interest in the Land Speed Record, an undertaking in which Britain was then supreme, was at its height during the 1930s. Consequently, when the Sunbeam Motor Company of Wolverhampton, which had built the cars that first officially exceeded 150 and 200 m.p.h. (and had also built the smallest successful LSR car, a V12 4-litre Sunbeam that did more than 152 m.p.h. and was later used for track and...

Page 33 of February 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, February 1984

Mohawk & Manitou part 2

In this second part of his article on the two early Sunbeam V12 racing cars the noted authority on Sunbeam history, Anthony S. Heal, deals with the big post-war Manitou-engined model. It was the fastest car in the World in its day, surviving a trip through the Railway-straight fencing to put the Brooklands' lap-record to 123.39 mph in 1922 and thrice breaking the World's LSR, leaving this at 150....

Page 35 of January 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1983

Sunbeams at Indianapolis

I have prevailed upon Mr. Anthony S. Heal, the great authority on anything appertaining to Sunbeam cars and STD affairs, particularly the racing endeavours of Louis Coatalen, Sunbeam's celebrated Chief Engineer, to write this erudite article about Sunbeam racing undertaken a long way from home, at America's Indianapolis Speedway, between 1913 to 1921, as a preliminary to what I hope may be a...

Page 3 of August 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, August 1943

Great British achievements

The only British victory in the French G.P.: Anthony S. Heal records Segrave's win at Tours in 1923 with a 2-litre Supercharged Sunbeam. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the first and only occasion that an Englishman, driving an English car, won the Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France, the traditional blue riband of motor racing. On July 2nd, 1923, Major H.O.D. Segrave (as he...

Page 17 of August 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, August 1942

Cars I have owned

[In which that great enthusiast, Anthony S. Heal, keeps the ball rolling. – Ed.] Your contributor, Captain L. Roy Taylor, suggests that this interesting series of articles should be confined "to those whose names are household words in motoring circles." I hope that his suggestion will not be adopted, otherwise we shall miss many amusing and interesting stories from genuine enthusiasts and this...


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