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Page 139 of August 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 139, August 2014

Historic scene with... Gordon Cruickshank

Mammoth restoration Down in Avon something stirs – a lost Land Speed Record machine, Fiat’s 28-litre S76 The views from the barn are expansive, sweeping over the Avon valley. The views inside the barn are remarkable: ancient motorcycles on shelves, disembowelled cars with innards spread across the floor, and slung in a cradle fit for a shipyard a vast lump of metal, the magnetic core of our visit...

Page 74 of January 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, January 2004

Touring circus

Races for pure road cars predate the more famous Le Mans and Spa 24-hour endurance events, as Bill Boddy reminds us The first touring car grand prix was held in 1922, one year before Le Mans founded its classic roundthe-clock sportscar contest. It was not a race to be underestimated, as it was organised by the world authority for motor racing and record-breaking, the Automobile Club de France,...

Page 29 of June 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, June 1952

Sideslips by "Baladeur"

I have happened upon an entry of a La Buire streamlined saloon in the 1924 Touring Grand Prix at Lyons," writes a correspondent, "to be driven by the veteran Szisz"; and he goes on to ask whether this is the great Szisz of 1906 Grand Prix fame. I have every reason to suppose that it was, and while I do not know whether M Szisz is yet with us, I heard of him some considerable time after 1924 when...

Page 65 of January 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, January 1989

High speed

The VSCC President Roger Collings has driven his 60hp Mercedes for at least 100,000 miles both as a road car and for every conceivable kind of competitive event with very little mechanical mayhem. To celebrate its 85th birthday, Roger took it on yet another frolic, a "record-attempt" timed to thousandths of a second by the official VSCC time-keepers. Mowlem's had completed the Leominster by-pass...

Page 42 of May 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 1985

Long-Life Racing Drivers

The best age for a racing driver is presumably somewhere between 18 and 30. I looked for some confirmation of this in Denis Jenkinson's erudite book "The Racing Driver" (Batsford, 1958) but all I found was the attitude to some drivers and riders to retirement. We know that there were people like C. Le Strange Metcalfe and Sir Francis Samuelson, Bt. drove racing cars when they were 70 and more...

Page 85 of December 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, December 1999

What about the D'Aoust?

What about the D'Aoust? WHAT ABOUT THE DAOUST? ONIN UI IAF WI II I 00KiNG into the history of Montlhery, the celebrated and still active 'Paris Autodrome', as it was called in the beginning, I was intrigued that, at the opening race-meeting in October 1924 , the concluding event was a six-lap race between Parry Thomas' well-known Leyland Thomas, Ernest Eldridge's enormous FIAT 'Mephistopheles'...

Page 69 of February 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, February 1986

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

To Trail or not to Trail . . . A contemporary magazine has commented editorially on the VSCC's decision to penalise in future those competitors who bring cars to its trials on trailers by a matter of 10 points. It argues that the VCC does not so penalise pre-1918 cars going on trailers to its events (although on the Brighton Run, quite rightly, there is disqualification for those whose veterans...

Page 26 of November 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, November 1932


"SIDESLIPS" "Veteran Cars." IT is the privilege of the writer of such a series of articles as this to hark back to past events instead of being up to date in the best snappy journalistic style, and so I make no apology for returning after a considerable interval to the Veteran Cars' race at Brooklands on August Bank Holiday. The "Daily Sketch," incidentally, who were the promoters of the race,...

Page 81 of June 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, June 2004

Small cars, big ideas

Amilcar dominated voiturette racing during the 1920s with its GP cars in miniature --- but it cost it dear. By Anthony Pritchard Amilcar — a name redolent of the small sporting cars proliferating in France after WWI. And a name which more than 60 years after the firm's demise still gives rise to speculation about its origin. Founded in 1921, Amilcar combined the names of its two financial...

Page 22 of July 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, July 1968

Where Have All The Peugeots Gone?

The Editor attempts to trace the fate of some of the most significant Grand Prix cars of all time (Continued from the June issue) Last month I wrote of those pre-1914 Peugeot racing cars evolved by racing drivers Georges Boillot, Jules Goux and Paul Zuccarelli, with the aid of draughtsman Ernest Henry, which, with their inclined o.h. valves operated by twin overhead camshafts, set a fashion in...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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