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Page 41 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, October 1972

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The VSCC at Madresfield (Sept. 3rd) What a pleasant event the annual driving test meeting at Madresfield is! Competitors and spectators park on the wide grass verges flanking the long drive leading to Lord Beauchamp's house and during the afternoon leisurely manoeuvres take place which try to a mild extent the prowess of machinery and drivers. It is a pity...

Page 33 of January 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1973

Vintage Postbag

Singer History Sir, Although the correspondence on the team Singers was closed a couple of months ago, may 1, for the sake of future historians, be allowed to correct one or two mistakes that arose? In Mr. Montgomery's interesting letter ( July issue) he mentions J. E. S. Jones as the owner of one of these cars. This should he A. W. Jones, who raced the car before and after the war. J. E. S....

Page 35 of May 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, May 1953

The Seven-Fifty Club Formulae

(In view of the growing interest in 750 and 1,172 Formulae racing, we give herewith a resume of progress in this field, written by H. Birkett, Chairman of the 750 M.C.  --  Ed.) In the history of motor racing there have been many attempts made, in varying degrees of altruism, to provide some form of cadet racing for those unable to afford the pursuit of this terribly expensive hobby on their own...

Page 43 of February 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, February 1956


PREPAID RATES 6d. per word (maximum number allowed 80) Minimum Charge 6/-. Box Numbers, for the convenience of Private Advertisers only, 2/extra. No insertion will be made unless prepaid. Copy received after first post on the 21st of the month will be held over until the next issue unless cancelled in writing before the 10th of the following month. The publishers reserve the right to refuse or...

Page 51 of March 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, March 1982

Veteran Edward Vintage

Collisions at Top Cross Accidents are morbid happenings not often discussed in motor journals, and less-often photographed. I suppose the Police and the Insurance companies may take pictures of road accidents if a fatality has occurred or a big claim is pending. I recall that the Triplex Glass people used to run a series of advertisements round crashes in which vehicle occupants had escaped...

Page 28 of March 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, March 1974


With everyone in this sad country compelled to drive at no more than 50 m.p.h. and drivers feather-footing it in an endeavour to make every expensive gallon of petrol take them as far as possible, it is amusing to think how such a speed restriction would have been greeted in pre-war days. There was an overall 20 m.p.h. in the vintage years, it is true. But towards the end of them it was not very...

Page 40 of December 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1969

Vintage Postbag

A Sports Clyno Sir, I enclose a photograph of my "bargain". I bought it in 1933 from a dealer for £12. It was about 1927/28 vintage and I was told the radiator was "furred up". It certainly had those symptoms as it boiled furiously after a short run and just about made 40 m.p.h. On a more detailed examination I found the timing had slipped and after rectifying this and a general decoke and tune,...

Page 27 of April 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, April 1967

Vintage Postbag

What Was a Brook's Super Sparker? Sir, I wonder if you can help me. Recently I found in an old tool-box of my late father, a Brook's Super Sparker, bearing the Pattern No. 252608. It is a little rectangular metal box with a detachable front cover in which there is a glass window. Inside are four adjustable sets of contacts, each numbered 1-4. On the back of the instrument are eight terminals to...

Page 33 of April 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, April 1971

How fast did they go?

It is depressing to consider how pre-war cars went, because most of the better ones were so very slow. Some years ago a Farnham dental surgeon who was moving house very generously gave me his comprehensive files of road-test data torn from the two leading pre-war weekly motor magazines. Browsing through this remarkable collection of performance figures prompted the foregoing remark. (Incidentally...

Page 61 of May 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, May 1969

A Further Peugeot Postscript

Around this time last year articles appeared in Motor Sport about the pre-1914 racing Peugeot cars, trying to assess their fate. While this did not produce anything very conclusive, some interesting subsidiary facts emerged. There has now come to my notice a piece of additional information on this obscure and confusing subject. It seems that the Pirelli-shod 2½-litre Peugeot with which André...


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