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Page 57 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, September 1963

"Give them a big hand"

The Bean C.C., no matter how small its own membership, has a happy knack of enticing an excellent entry to its meetings. Its Second Summer Rally at Bracknell Sports Stadium on July 21st had something like 90 entries of veteran to p.v.t. cars if historic commercials and vintage motorcycles are included. The event had some unusual items—the excellent grass arena was not open to the public until...

Page 56 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, September 1963

The Morgan 3-Wheeler Club

The Morgan 3-Wheeler Club had a breakdown of members' engines in the July issue of its Bulletin. Most popular is the o.h.v. w/c. J.A.P., of which 255 are in Club "Mogs." The Matchless MX2 Comes next with 178, followed by the Ford Eight (135), Matchless MX (109) and Ford Ten (108). Rare types are the s.v. Blackburn, i.o.e. M.A.G., and a/c. Matchless MX, while three of the "Moggies" have Austin...

Page 15 of April 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, April 1946

Car Models

Modelcraft, Ltd., of 77, Grosvenor Road, S.W.1, have produced plans for models of Austin Seven, M.G. Midget and 4 1/2-litre Bentley cars, and also a scheme for making realistic wheels for same.

Page 34 of March 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, March 1984

Book Reviews

"The Mustangs" by Richard Langworth 144 pp, 7½ x 9¼ in. (Motor Racing Publications Ltd, 28 Devonshire Road, London, W4 2HD. £8.95). Having given us a book all about the Chevrolet Corvettes, the American author has followed it with a similarly low-price but erudite and comprehensive study of that decidedly energetic sports-car, the versatile Ford Mustang. The book is aimed at American readers but...

Page 2 of October 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 2, October 1939


MULTUM IN PARVO SOME NOTES ON ONE OF THE 1931 AUSTIN SEVEN TEAM T.T. CARS THE majority of our readers will probably best remember the Austin under review when it was George Chaplin's proud possession and did extremely well in the L.C.C. Relay Races and High Speed Trials. Some time ago S. T. Lush, of Westminster, acquired the little orange Austin and we requested an opportunity to conduct a long...

Page 15 of May 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, May 1926

172 m.p.h. AT PENDINE.

172 m.p.h. AT PENDINE. Just as we are going to press we hear that J. G. P. Thomas, driving " Babs," the 27 litre Liberty-engined monster, has substantially improved on the figures for the flying mile and flying kilometre world's records, previously held by the two Sunbeams. Mr. Thomas's speeds were 170 m.p.h. for the kilometre and 169 m.p.h. for the mile. This performance is all the more...

Page 13 of July 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, July 1938


Grand Prix THE visitation of the German team to this country last year has had a very far-reaching effect on enthusiasm in this country. Even those who were already well versed in motoring speed find that their interest in Brooklands racing and sprint events is now supplemented by a keen appreciation of the activities of Continental ace-drivers, and such folk find no difficulty now in associating...

Page 22 of March 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, March 1933

letters from readers

Appreciation. SIR,—I am writing to say how much I appreciate MOTOR SPORT. In the February issue I found Mr. T. G. Moore's account of their adventures In the Monte Carlo Rally especially interesting, and of the regular features, the Continental Notes and Rumblings by " Boanerges." Wishing you every success. G. DENNE-BOLTON. 42, Dartmouth Square, Dublin, S.W.8. American Views. SIR,—In the January...

Page 14 of September 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, September 1946

The British Motor Industry's Jubilee

Althoug fifty years of motor-car construction have seen the industry rise to occupy the position of the third largest industry in this country, petty restrictions have not diminished in anything like the proportion they should since the days of the red flag. So publicity of any sort on behalf of motoring is vitally essential, and the Jubilee of the British Motor Industry afforded a much needed...

Page 23 of June 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, June 1954

Vintage Silverstone

The Club Silverstone season was opened on May 1st by the V.S.C.C., when a record attendance was achieved. In the One-Hour High-Speed Trial a good field, divided into classes, circulated with varying degrees of speed and reliability. Most of the cars qualified. The vintage Aston Martins of Edwards and Mennell were driven well, the former leaning out on corners. A. E. Griffin's 1929 12/50 Alvis "...



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