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Page 18 of December 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, December 1940

Letters from Readers

I wonder if you could spare a little in the correspondence colwnn on of a lonely airman ? I am up here for some time and have touch with most people interested the sport. Could anyone with a for a chat on motoring sport round at the address given ? I shall be more than delighted to see Thanking you in anticipation and wishyou all the best. I am, Yours etc., DENNIS W. BATEMAN. AC2, Bateman, c/o 25...

Page 21 of October 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, October 1950

National Prescott hill-climb

Poore makes fastest time and wins Staniland Trophy Willis and Collins break class records Prescott was blessed with fine weather on the occasion of its National Meeting on September 10th. Some of the interest was stolen by the fact that Poore had already obtained an unassailable lead in the R.A.C. Hill-Climb Championship and by the poor entries, some classes attracting only one competitor....

Page 26 of March 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1983

Club news

Renault OC Open to owners of all the diverse Renault types, this is a Club of benefit to its members as well as providing them with competition and social events. It also has Registrars for the different models and keeps members in touch with one another. The President is John Bolster and the Vice-Presidents are Messrs. Patrick Faure, Managing Director of Renault UK, Ltd., E. Smith, H. Wilson of...

Page 25 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1947

Club News

We Hear Bernard Coulter informs us that the French motor paper L'Actualite Automobile, edited by Camille Lacome, has been revived. Coulter has a Type 40 Bugatti sans engine, into which he has fitted an Alvis "Speed Twenty" gearbox, the power unit still constituting a problem. Incidentally, Coulter broadcast reminiscences of "L'Ecusie du Lapin Blanc" at Le Mans, over the B.B.C. Free French Service...

Page 53 of March 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, March 1976

Chauffeur's corner

In order to continue this feature, as requested by many readers, I found myself driving the BMW to Malvern, that straggling hill-top town where it is virtually impossible to park, let alone turn round and retrace one's route, unless one is a bus-driver with the right to use special bays for this purpose. I was on my way to interview a chauffeur whom I had been told about by a Ferrari owning...

Page 9 of April 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, April 1945


73 CARS I HAVE OWNED VERY early in life I developed an interest in motoring and well rtiitnJ)(-I first experiments in this direction. In 1919, or maybe it was 1920, my father decided to enter the field of private owners. He purchased, at an exorbitant figure, an ex-W.D. Douglas Combination, upon which, at the tender age of eleven, I was wont to ride illegally whenever opportunity offered....

Page 20 of April 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, April 1956

Cars I Have Owned

[Continuing this revived series, we have a contribution from Rex Young of Bristol. -- Ed.] In my case, graduation from two wheels to four followed the conventional pattern, though the two-wheeled period was somewhat sporadic, partly due to its coincidence with the 1914/1918 war, when wheels were few and riders were fewer. It was initiated towards the end of my schooldays in 1916 and during the...

Page 26 of May 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, May 1947

Letters from Readers

Sir, Your remarks in "Rumblings" in the April Motor Sport led me to believe that you might be interested in some details of a more modern Morgan than the 1927 Aero" there described. I own a 1937 Matchless-engined two-seater, purchased in July last year. I paid £160 for it, being in urgent need of a car at the time and unwilling to pay East Anglia's over-inflated prices. In passing, Rover Tens...

Page 50 of June 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, June 1970


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters A VARIETY OF ANCIENT THINGS LATE APRIL and early May gave me an interesting variety of veteran and vintage happenings to attend to. It began one Thursday when I set off in the Reliant Scimitar GTE to intercept St. John Cousins Nixon on his 1,060-mile drive round Britain, sponsored by British Leyland, in the actual 1899 single-cylinder Wolseley which ran, as No...

Page 19 of November 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, November 1950

Reports of Recent Events

Reports of Recent Events BENTLEY D.C. FIRLE SPEED HILL-CLIMB (Sept 24th) E.T.D. AND IIEST 13. Sc .H.M.C. MEMDER.-1). Parker (Jaguette), 31.4 sec. 3-LITRE BENTLEIN.-D. McKenzie (ex-Lyeett), 41.0 sec. 41-LITRE UV 10" WHEELS/0LE BENTtmrs.-R. Is. Sutcliffe, 37.4 /IOC, ODIRR 41-LITRE 13ENTLEYS.-A. 0. Pitts, 35.72 sec. ILLOwEIL 4j-, SjAND 8-1,trak BENTLEY5.-0. Croi.ier (, 38.0 'sec. 3. AND 41-1...



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