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Page 41 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, October 1972

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The VSCC at Madresfield (Sept. 3rd) What a pleasant event the annual driving test meeting at Madresfield is! Competitors and spectators park on the wide grass verges flanking the long drive leading to Lord Beauchamp's house and during the afternoon leisurely manoeuvres take place which try to a mild extent the prowess of machinery and drivers. It is a pity...

Page 44 of February 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, February 1983

Vintage postbag

A Brooklands romance Sir, Having recently acquired a number of old copies of your excellent publication, I was interested to read in the August 1964 edition an account of the Brooklands Reunion of that year. Reference is made to the incident which occurred at the Track on Easter Monday 1938 when an MG went over the banking, and it suggests that H. T. H. Clayton was the driver. Re-reading "The...

Page 30 of November 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, November 1958

Veteran- Edwardian- Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old Car Matters THE V.S.C.C. BEAULIEU RALLY (Sept. 21st) The V.S.C.C. rally to Palace House, Beaulieu, provided an opportunity to examine some 46 vintage and Edwardian cars assembled in this pleasant setting for a Concours d'Elegance, many of them afterwards taking part in a simple driving-skill shuffle, and, in the case of the writer, of experiencing the charm of the vintage...

Page 43 of May 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, May 1980

"Babs" runs again

There is good news for those who enjoy watching historic documentaries on TV. The BBC is to show, later this year, such a film, about the World's Land Speed Record, making use of existing video-tapes, but also introducing some live coverage, taken this year.  Among the latter part of the programme will be a feature about "Babs", the 27-litre Liberty-aero-engined Thomas Special in which Parry...

Page 20 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, August 1947

Club News

We Hear F. P. Thornpson is getting good service from a 1925 Austin "Heavy Twelve-Four" and considers that the more stolid vintage cars should receive their meed of praise. He would exchange a rather rusty model T Ford for Austin spares and knows of bits and pieces for 1913 G.W.K., Overland, Chrysler, Buick and other cars. A 2-cylinder Renault in reasonable condition is apparently for disposal...

Page 18 of September 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, September 1943

Club news

750 Club The 750 Club held its monthly meeting for members and non-members at the "Chez August," in Compton Street, on August 7th. There was a smaller attendance than usual, only 16 persons sitting down to lunch, and for the first time no members of the fair sex were present. Private owners just predominated over the Trade, both amateur and professional. Everyone talked with gusto, and many lines...

Page 47 of December 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1974

The Cars of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon

His Grace, the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, has played a notable part in many aspects of the sporting motoring and aviation scene. His early enthusiasm for fast cars led him to Bentley Motors Ltd. in the time of the great W. O. Bentley. He won important motor-races at Brooklands, entered the Motor Trade in which capacity his company, Kevill-Davies and March Ltd., built some interesting special-...

Page 29 of November 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 1926


CORRESPONDENCE The Editor of MOTOR SPORT. DEAR SIR, I was most interested to see in the current issue of Motor Sport an account of the Halford Special and its designer (?). I think there are one or two statements and references which in justice to me should be amended. I believe Halford's first success on four wheels was when he drove the " Razor Blade" Aston-Martin, designed and built by me, to...

Page 38 of April 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1953

Vintage Veerings

The rapid fall in prices of almost all used cars, and in particular of the older models, should give a fillip to the vintage cult. Some enthusiasts keep the same vintage car season after season, others seek frequent changes, deriving much enjoyment out of discovering the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of each model they own. Whichever way you look at it, vintage motoring is undeniably...

Page 32 of May 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1949

Club News

We Hear R. S. Strachan is restoring a 1928 "20.9" Sunbeam chassis and craves a suitable body and wings for it. R. L. Walker has rebuilt a Singer "Le Mans" with modern two-seater bodywork, even to a modern frontal aspect and his own spray-painting, working in a shed and using the minimum of equipment. The police are taking an increasingly active interest in competition motoring, in the desirable...



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