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Page 37 of August 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, August 1979

VSCC at Shelsley Walsh

(July 7th) Thamks to the generosity of the Midland Automobile Club the vintage lads have a meeting of their own on the fast and steep slope of Shelsley Walsh, resurfaced this year. There is always a garden-party atmosphere at this meeting, punctuated by exciting noises and smells and some heroic deeds through the famous Esses. This year the car park gathering saw a special enclosure for Frazer...

Page 31 of December 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, December 1957

Interview With Basil Davenport

The Story of the "Spider" and other G.N. Matters After the Gold Cup Meeting at Oulton Park, I met Basil Davenport, creator of the immortal "Spider" which held the Shelsley Walsh Hill-Climb record in 1926, 1927 and 1928, and spent the rest of the weekend with him at his charming house in Macclesfield, to glean the true story of his remarkable G.N. Basil Davenport took to motoring at art early age...

Page 47 of October 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, October 1955

The De Havilland-M.G. Sprint Special

Interest has been lent to this season's sprint contests by the appearance in some of them of T. Dryver's remarkable De Havilland-M.G. —  remarkable because this car has a D.H. Gipsy aeroplane engine in a surprisingly small chassis. During the war Cecil Clutton had an article in Motor Sport discussing the possibility of such an engine in a road car, the conclusion being that if adequate cooling...

Page 11 of January 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, January 1958

My Year's Motoring

The Editor Looks Back on the Cars He Drove in 1957 I tested fewer cars for Motor Sport last year than I did in 1956. This had nothing to do with old age, lack of opportunity or decreasing enthusiasm. The fact is that, as you may remember, petrol rationing returned during the early part of the year, which is a pretty disgraceful thing to have to put on record, for, although no one expects to enjoy...

Page 47 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 1981

Three GNs

An interview with Stafford East One of the articles which excited me very much when I was a small boy, reading avidly all the motoring papers I could lay my hands on, was that headed "The Fastest Cyclecar in The World!" which appeared, with nine enticing illustrations, in The Light Car & Cyclecar on June 16th, 1920. It was a description of Captain A.G. Frazer-Nash's famous GN "Kim", which the...

Page 22 of February 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 1958

Vintage Postbag

Sir, On page 724 of your December issue, you begin paragraph three, " Another recent discovery...", to which I would like to add a similar discovery near a remote English village a couple of years ago. In this instance it involved a just-post-vintage Austin Seven saloon, which was also found in a barn but, funnily enough, a two-storey barn and, funnier still, on the first floor. There were no...

Page 13 of October 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, October 1944


CARS I HAVE OWNED ISUPPOSE that it all started through finding a copy of "Motor-cycles and How to Manage Them," printed in 1902, with a picture on the cover of a man in a Norfolk jacket, on the latest model motor tricycle. This publication started a craze for motor-cycles, and eventually I managed to purchase what was then the latest model Scott. Just after the Armistice I was a Norton fan ; most...

Page 42 of July 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, July 1962

Vintage postbag

The Hudlass car Sir, My attention has been drawn by my grandson to the letter appearing in the current issue of Motor Sport over the signature of Mr. G. H. Walker, Southport, and headed "The Hudlass." As the maker of these cars I have pleasure in giving you the following information. A scale model of my first experimental model can be seen in the Botanic Gardens Museum, Southport, and I do claim...

Page 25 of July 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, July 1975

VSCC Oulton Park Race Meeting

The Vintage SCC held its first meeting at the shortened 1.65-mile Oulton Park circuit on June 14th, when many competitors expressed their dislike of the new sharp righthand corner after the Cascades. The concrete kerb on the outside of this corner was also criticised, and it was responsible for Freddie Giles tearing the sump-plug out of the Cognac Special and Peter Morley pulling the n/s rear...

Page 34 of December 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, December 1971


A section devoted to old-car matters The RAC London-Brighton Veteran Car Run (November 7th) I have tried the Brighton Run most ways—by tram and bus to Croydon to watch the veterans climb up past the Airport before the war, riding on veterans since 1936, driving some of Lord Montagu's in more recent runs. This year I did it in comfort—staying in Brighton on the Saturday night and reporting from...



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