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Page 63 of November 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 63, November 1992

V-to-C Miscellany

Reverting to that Wolseley Hornet Special everting re-enactment of the 1932 Brooklands Relay Race at Silverstone last July, it is interesting that two of the Morgan three-wheelers that competed in this race attended, Jerry Larke's ex-Clive Lones' Morgan and Bill Wallbank with the Morgan Rhodes raced in 1932. Other Morgan topics — historian Jake Alderson has been investigating the twin-rearwheel...

Page 42 of October 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, October 1952

The F.H.N. Special

With that season of the year approaching when many readers retire to their garages and contemplate Special-building, it is most encouraging to be able to publish this description of the F.H.N. Special by its constructor, F. Harrison, because it proves that it is still possible to build a sprint car for less than £150 which is capable not only of providing a lot of fun, reminiscent of the old "...

Page 72 of November 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, November 2003

As old as the hills

Shelsley Walsh led the way for speed hillclimbs in Britain. Bill Boddy emphasises why this historic venue must not go the way of Brooklands Shelsley Walsh, the famous speed hillclimb course near Worcester, dates back to 1905. The pioneer of such courses in this country opened when other clubs were holding their speed events illegally on public-road hills. The Bugatti OC's 880-yard Prescott hill...

Page 81 of August 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, August 2001


STEEP THRILLS SHELSLEY WALSH IS 96 THIS YEAR. BUT ITS ORGANISING CLUB, MIDLAND AC, HITS THE EVEN TON. PAUL FEARNLEY AND FOUR LEGENDS OF THE HILL JOIN THE PARTY STEEPED IN HISTORY AND STEER SHELSLEY Walsh, population 31, is a haven. A place where mobile 'phones are often joyously free from signal. A place upon which the Gods have smiled. Shelsley Walsh, cheek by jowl with Shelsley Beauchamp,...

Page 64 of March 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, March 1997

Counting the Akelas

Akela-engined GNs made a big impact on British race tracks, and a few still survive After WW1, the GN was one of the most successful racing cars in its class. GNs have a fascination of their own anyway, something I know Edward Riddle and others will readily endorse. So thinking in terms of their racing performances is good mental therapy. Ron Godfrey and Capt "Archie" Frazer Nash made these...

Page 60 of March 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, March 1993

Four generations

This piece is about four generations of amateur racing drivers. There have been several examples of second generation F1 racers (Ascari, Hill, Andretti and Brabham spring to mind), and the USA is rich with long-established racing dynasties, such as the Unsers. In this country, however, there can be few, if any, other examples of four competing generations. In this case, the first kinsman to take...

Page 23 of April 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, April 1948

Club News

We Hear Barry Eaglesfield has disposed of the ex-Birkett Type 40 Bugatti and acquired a Type 37, which he has fitted with a Morris Minor tank, S.U. pump, 5.50 in. by 18 in. rear tyres and a folding seat in a new tail, the original 30-gallon tank and tail having been disposed of to Major Cree for a "special" he is building. Major Cree runs a 2-litre Lagonda. Eaglesfield has a Type 40 instruction...

Page 33 of March 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, March 1950

Club News

We Hear The "500" movement is catching on in Australia, where the Hooper-Special with J.A.P. engine has set up a N.S.W. s.s. ¼-mile record for cars up to 750-c.c., of 16.71 sec. John Crouch has ordered a Cooper 1,000 and Paynter is thinking of building a car of this type. A 1939 3-litre Lagonda engine and an old de Dion engine have come to light at a farm near Carlisle, a reader informs us. We...

Page 39 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, March 1979

Vintage Postbag

Howey's Accident Sir, I read as always with interest your comment on Dr. Brian Hamilton's letter reference Dick (R. B.) Howey's tragic death in 1926 in the Ballot. It is not often one is able to correct the Editor! So it is with a little malicious pleasure I am able to write to say that the accident occurred not during the speed trial, but during the hill-climb which was also part of the Boulogne...



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